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Real Madrid FC – A Football Club in Crisis?

For the past four years, the richest football club in the world has been bad. He did not win a trophy at all. With this current season, there was really high hopes that the team would win a major trophy, with former Juventus coach Fabio Capello appointed to lead the team. Capello, who once coached the team in the 1990s, led Juventus to two two-back-to-back Scudetto titles in Italy in 2004 and 2005. With such high qualifications, he was considered highly qualified for the job. and that it would lead the team back to winning ways. Resuming as manager, Capello promised to lose only five games in the league (la liga) all season.

However, with only about twenty games into the league, Capello has lost seven games. And he led the team to some of the worst performances recently. Real have lost a number of crucial home games in the Bernabeu against low – rated teams such as Recreativo and Levante, who are bottom of the league.

During ten games, the team scored just three points, a far cry from its high-scoring nature in the past. Even recruiting new players in the January transfer window has not helped matters. The club are now four adrift points of Barcelona on the league table.

After winning Real Betis from the King’s cup, the only hope of winning any trophies this season is in the championship league or the Spanish league. In the current form, the winning team in Europe has little chance. Hence, the team is expected to have a greater chance of going empty again this season.

What could be the cause of the current crisis in the most successful football club in Europe?

For one, Capello’s coaching style has been heavily criticized by both players and fans. Fans didn’t like the new manager’s defensive style and it didn’t produce the desired results either.

Also, the sudden change in the club’s recruitment policy seems to have gone from the era of buying “galacticos” or world-renowned players, to buying players of little unknown, internally. It is not uncommon to hear about wranglings and power play in the dressing room.

Also, the apparent indifference of the manager has helped some players to polarize the club and soften the team spirit. Comments made by the club president recently, and the manager about a number of key players in the team, made by the media hyped, highlighted the amount of animation that exists within the club ‘s rank and file.

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