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Renan Ferreira ‘sad’ that Fabricio Werdum is peddling lies about phantom tap — ‘My conscience is clear’ – MMA Root

Did it or did it not?

Before losing to fellow Brazilian Renan Ferreira, former UFC champion Fabricio Werdum insists “Problema” got hit with a triangle choke. And credit to “Vai Cavalo,” the slow-motion replay suggests that Ferreira did indeed throw in the proverbial towel.

Or maybe not.

“In slow motion, it seems I tapped. But when you play the video at normal speed, you can’t say it was a touch, ”Ferreira told Combate (transcribed by Adam Martin). “The referee was upstairs, sideways looking. He said he loosened it, but he never loosened it. His triangle was not properly adjusted, it was on the tip of the foot. His foot was almost on his calf, it hadn’t adjusted very well to the triangle, you know? He didn’t let go, he didn’t let go, and I kept hitting, you can see that at no time did I stop hitting.

Werdum and Ferreira kicked off the PFL heavyweight tournament last Thursday. night (May 6, 2021) on ESPN (get full results and play-by-play here). And there was more at stake than just wins and losses, as the PFL tournament awards its champions a $ 1 million prize pool.

Ferreira, however, seems to have moved on.

“I am very sad with this version that he is telling, he is talking shit,” continued Ferreira. “I have a clear conscience. It is already his attitude to speak of character, of not being a man, of this or that, it is his position. I have the complete conception of what I did. My conscience is clear, I have my head held high and let’s move on to the next one ”.

Team Werdum is expected to file an appeal.

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