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Report: Conor McGregor not facing charges following investigation into ‘attempted sexual assault’ allegations in Corsica – MMA Root

Conor McGregor is no longer being investigated for sexual assault charges related to the Corsica incident this September.

TMZ said Wednesday that McGregor will not face criminal charges after being charged with “attempted sexual assault and sexual demonstration” in a September 10 complaint. McGregor and his family were traveling in the Mediterranean when the allegations surfaced. The UFC star was detained for questioning by local authorities and released in Corsica, an island off the coast of France and Italy. Formally, he was not arrested and charged with a crime.

A letter from the Bastia City Prosecutor’s Office dated March 19, 2021 to McGregor reads (translated from French via TMZ):

The consideration of this case cannot serve as a basis for criminal prosecution, since:

– The facts or circumstances of the facts of the proceedings could not be clearly established in the course of the investigation.

– Thus, there is not enough evidence to admit a crime and initiate criminal proceedings.

McGregor spokesman Karen Kessler added: “[French authorities] made a criminal investigation. They collected DNA, and DNA evidence confirmed McGregor’s version. “

The charges were flatly denied by McGregor and his camp on initial communication. At the time, McGregor’s manager Audi Attar issued a statement to MMA Fighting, stating, “I am angry and warning loudly and clearly: Conor McGregor is not and will not be a target for anyone looking for a headline or payday.”

McGregor has had a slew of legal problems over the past few years, including another recent lawsuit involving sexual assault allegations in 2018. In January, a multimillion-dollar personal injury lawsuit was filed against McGregor, linked to allegations ahead of his rematch at UFC 257 with Dustin Poirier. The New York Times first reported that McGregor was under investigation in March 2019, after the alleged attack occurred on December 12, 2018 in McGregor’s native Ireland.

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