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Rob Font could have fought for temporary minor division belt: “I was a little scared”

In one of the recent interviews, Rob Font revealed that he was the first person from the UFC to receive an offer to fight for a temporary minor welterweight division. However, fans will not see him in the octagon opposite Petra Yan.

At the premiere of UFC 267, the Russian was originally supposed to face in the rematch Aljamainem Sterlingiemthe person he previously lost by disqualification, thereby losing his title. However, due to the injury of the American, the duel will not take place. He will take his place in the duel for the temporary belt Cory Sandhagenthis, as it turned out, was not the organization’s first choice.

Font admitted that he could not overcome this challenge due to the COVID-19 infection and that it was his health that made his decision:

“I just got over Covid so I wasn’t in training. I couldn’t jump into this fight, I was a little scared, but at the same time, things happen for a reason.”

The American added that since this is a fight for a temporary belt, he is much less upset for a full title than a duel.

źródło: Twitter/James Lynch