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Robbie Lawler vs. Rory MacDonald 2 Highlights ( Best Championship Fight Ever ) #ufc #robbielawler

Robbie Lawler vs. Rory MacDonald 2 Highlights ( Best Championship Fight Ever ) #ufc #robbielawler

#ufc #robbielawler #rorymacdonald #mma is one of the best performances you will witness at Octagon. Both Lawler and MacDonald gave incredible effort and endurance to something that could be considered a true barn burner. From Lawler’s expanding and turbulent power strokes to MacDonald’s rush and headshots in his time, the joint main event may well have won the Fight of the Year awards. But in the end, it was a relentless blow and pressure that kept a king on his throne. As a rematch of the duo’s first meeting in 2013 – a fight that Lawler won in a split decision – the highly revered Tristar Gym prospect really had the feeling that MacDonald could step into and launch a new era. He scored a victory over his battle-inspired champion for the 170lb division. The first round was played very slowly. The man neither landed on anything spectacular nor dropped anywhere, which made him a close round. However, MacDonald lowered some of the clearer right hands, which meant he probably left the lap behind. While Lawler tried to get his kicks early in the second round, MacDonald continued to be active with his kicks. After landing a nice punch combination, MacDonald continued to use his front kick and straight right hand. With about 90 seconds to end the round, the two fighters were really unlocked. Both men were throwing powerful punches, but Lawler was scoring with greater effect. Additionally, MacDonald’s face was really starting to turn purple and swollen. While MacDonald was controlling the first half of the round, Lawler’s late damage earned him the second square. Lawler continued strongly into the third round. His left hand continued to bind firmly, and MacDonald was bleeding pretty badly. The “Red King” was definitely into combat and landing shots, but Lawler simply had a visibly stronger influence. For most of the round, Lawler picked his opponent separately. However, MacDonald scored with a heavy high kick with about 30 seconds left on the round and shook his opponent badly for the remainder of the round. Still, it was enough to win him the round. Another head kick from MacDonald started a great combination for the Canadian. For about two minutes, MacDonald was putting pressure on his opponent and shooting hard shots, but Lawler was standing hard in his pocket. Halfway through the round, Lawler made a point not to back down. He was shooting better by a narrow margin, but MacDonald wasn’t taking a step back at all. In a hugely important round, none of them had a clear advantage. Ultimately, this absolutely gorgeous fight ended in an awkward moment. Lawler dropped another straight left hand directly into MacDonald’s nose, and presumably tore him further. Regardless, it was enough to break MacDonald’s nose as the Canadian collapsed on the mat. Simply put, Lawler doesn’t know how to be in boring fights. Each title match was absolute battles and highly competitive battles, and this one was no different. The champion took a ton of damage, but never stopped fighting and looking for his own punches. To some extent, power simply cannot be taught. Both men punched with excellent technique and strategy, but Lawler landed with more impact. At the end of the day, when MacDonald’s repeatedly abused nose was finally revealed, this was literally decided to fight. This was another big win for Lawler and it really solidified his place as a true champion. Against the perfect prospect and the “next generation” of mixed martial arts fighters, Lawler overcame difficulties to win. AGAIN! MacDonald entered this match with a very powerful gameplay – as would be expected from a Tristar warrior – but broke up when he started to unfold. There was som.

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