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RushFit Renaissance Man Erik Owings – Trainer, Fighter, Zen Master?

The headline, Rushfit GSP co-creator Georges St-Pierre is certainly worth the headline. After all, he is the current UFC Weightlifting Champion and is considered by many to be the best mixed martial arts fighter in the world. “Rush,” as his fans called him, was born in Quebec and has been named Canadian athlete of the year for the past three years in a row. So the super-St-Pierre is certainly the right person to have his name and face on the GSP RushFit home workout program, but the program’s designer and St-Pierre’s trainer and partner in this venture, Erik Owings is a fighting force and fitness is also quite its own right.

Owings was born in Kentucky in 1979 and began training in karate at a very young age. At 19 Owings began studying Jiu Jitsu from Brazil with trainer Carlson Gracie Jr After almost two years studying, Owings went to the source and moved to Brazil to study at the famous Gracie Barra Academy where he earned Jiu Jitsu brown belt step. Owings also spent some time training in Thailand and Europe. In 2006 he earned his black belt from Renzo Gracie and John Danaher and continues to train with them to this day.

He fought in five International League (IFL) rounds. IFL is now a non-stop series, operating from early 2006 to mid-2008. The ownership record was 3 wins and 2 losses. He won his first purchase against American fighter Justin Jones in April 2006 and then lost to Canadian Chris Haradecki; American beat Ed West and Russia ‘s Peter Kaljevic before losing in mid – 2007 to Wagnney Fabiano of Brazil.

While competing in the IFL Owings he worked as a personal trainer in New York where he often worked in confined spaces, perfected many of the techniques, using body weights and dumbbells to work. used it to develop the RushFit program. Creating oneself is entirely part of the unique movements in the Rushfit program. Owens has said he enjoyed challenging movements that even St-Pierre has trouble doing.

“Functional fitness” is a term used by Owings to describe the type of training it teaches and what RushFit is all about. Owings explained that it should mean fitness that is transferable into real-life activity rather than just working on a specific muscle group or body.

The RushFit GSP program came to an end when a St-Pierre manager contacted Owings and said they were looking for someone to design a fitness program for St-Pierre. Owings who was already working on what was to become RushFit said he embraced what he had already developed and put more intensity into it. For anyone unfamiliar with RushFit, it’s a very intense home workout program that leaves even the gasping St-Pierre fiercely fit for the air in an apparent amount of time after many parts.

Today Owings lives in New York City and is the founder and owner of an MMA and fitness facility close to Union Square. The gym is called Mushin Mixed Marshall Arts. Mushin is a Zen term meaning “empty mind.” It refers to the ability of people to focus thoughts and energy on the task at hand. According to Owings’ training on the Mushin website “the clientele includes professional and amateur fighters, corporate CEOs and supermodels along with everyone in between.” The gym is somewhat known as the gym of choice for Victoria Secret models. In a way it seems to fit the gym founded by this philosophical fitness guru.

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