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Rusk Str8 Products – Review

For styling aids that will help create today’s modern look, Rusk is a trusted brand of hair products. Rusk uses complex and complex ingredient technologies to develop style products that go better and better than similar style products from other professional brands. Rusk Str8 products are no exception, as they effectively help in styling the hair in a slim and smooth way with long lasting results.

Rusk Str8 Anti-Curl and Anti-Frizz Lotion is a clear styling lotion that is lightweight and non-greasy. It is best to apply it evenly on wet hair before styling, because it temporarily softens curl and eliminates frizz and flyaways. Moisture is blocked for 24 hours, so natural curl and wave patterns are combated for full day and night. Str8 is formulated with “Thermplex” a unique combination of ingredients that work with heat to relax curls, add light, and withstand moisture. Rusk Str8 products also contain Panthenol B5, a vitamin that is essential for hair health and improves hair condition with a softer, softer look and feel. Str8 will enhance the straightening effects of the blow dryer or straightening iron as tames unbroken hair and fight frizz for tame, smooth, obedient hair.

Rusk also makes a thermal protective sprayer in the Str8 line, Flat Protective Iron Spray, which is applied to hair prior to heat styling to protect the hair from breakage and damage caused by blow drying, smooth ironing and curling. It also protects the hair from UVA and UVB damage.

The Anti-Curl Anti-Frizz Lotion and Protective Iron Spray can be used with Rusk Str8 flat iron, which has cutting-edge ceramic technology, to straighten the hair effectively to prevent thermal damage, and smooth results and creating slippery. Rusk Str8 products are used alone or in combination to fight curls, deliver frizz and just amazing results.

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