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Ryan Ford plans to be aggressive and explosive at Unified MMA 43 – MMA Root

Ryan Ford plans to be aggressive and explosive at Unified MMA 43

For the past six years, Ryan Ford has been away from MMA, but he has not stopped being a fighter athlete.

Having spent this year boxing around the world, the appearance of the Covid-19 became the catalyst for Ford to return to his MMA roots and return to the cage for the first time since 2014.

“It was a ride around the world, boxing kids from Germany to Russia to England,” Ford told “It was fun, but with the situation in the world over the last two years and not a lot of fighting and I’m not getting younger, I felt like I wanted to stay active, and if it makes money it makes sense (to go back to MMA).

“I’ve done grappling, wrestling, Muay Thai and kickboxing along with boxing, so it’s still in my heart, it’s still in my blood to go into the cage and fight.”

Starting in MMA more than 15 years ago, Ford’s biggest lesson may have been how to better take care of himself in training to secure a few more years of fighting.

“I’m not that young anymore, so I understand that I train smarter, not harder,” Ford said. “I have calmed down a bit in the things where I was injured in training camps.

“The fun part is going through a training camp without getting injured. It burdens your body when you grind. I’m still going hard, but I listen to my body when it’s time to recover. “I have learned to say no when I’m done.”

This Friday in Enoch, Alberta, Canada, Ford (22-5) returns to the cage when he faces Dawond Pickney (18-15) in a 175-pound, unified MMA 43 race.

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“I just have to go there and be me and do what Ryan does,” The Real Deal “Ford,” Ford said. “Be me. Be aggressive. Be explosive.

“(Pickney) is a veteran opponent and he comes to fight, but I think he has not fought anyone like me. “He has fought tough guys, but there are tough guys and Ryan Ford, and I do not think he has faced anyone like me.”

Now that he is back in MMA, Ford is looking forward to making the most of the time he has left in his career and being as busy as possible in 2022.

“For me, it’s a chore on Friday night and then I’m sure there will be calls and I’m ready,” Ford said. “I’m not getting younger, so I want to be active.

“People who know me know that if I’m not injured and I’m healthy, I’re ready to fight. This is the year I want to be active and continue. “