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Sean Strickland Cruises Past Jack Hermansson in UFC Fight Night 200 Main Event – MMA Root

Sean Strickland Cruises Past Jack Hermansson in UFC Fight Night 200 Main Event

Subscribe to ESPN + right here and then you can stream UFC, PFL, Dana White’s Contender and “The Ultimate Fighter” live on your smart TV, PC, phone, tablet or streaming device via ESPN. That was more than just a walk in the park for Sean Strickland. A shocking jab, airtight defenses against the shooting and excellent footwork pushed the rising welterweight contender for the Ultimate Fighting Championship into a split decision against Jack Hermansson at the UFC Fight Night 200 on Saturday at the UFC Apex in Las Vegas. Two judges saw 49-46 for Strickland, while Sal D’Amato scored an impressive 48-47 for Hermansson (22-7, 9-5 UFC).

The 30-year-old Strickland (25-3, 12-3 UFC) suffered a series of blows to the leg from the former Cage Warriors Fighting Championship holder, but otherwise dominated the vast majority of their exchanges. He slipped out of range with astonishing ease, cut Hermansson bids for takedowns and accumulated points with one of the best jabs in the sport.

Getting closer to claiming the title at 185 pounds, Strickland has amassed a winning streak of six races.

Maximov Swamps Soriano takes a swing and hits it … It was close

Nick Maximov led repetitive takedowns, suffocating control and effective ground clearance in a divisive decision for Xtreme Couture’s Punahele Soriano in the co-main event triangle. Judges Douglas Crosby and Ron McCarthy scored 30-27 and 29-28 for Maximov, while Michael Bell saw it 29-28 for Soriano.

Soriano (8-2, 2-2 UFC) made a cut near the Californian nose bridge in the first round, but had little luck keeping Nick Diaz-trained grappler within breathing distance. Maximov (8-0, 2-0 UFC) was ruthless with his approach. He grounded Soriano again and again in the second and third rounds, stirring in punches when opportunities arose. These efforts significantly affected the frustrated Hawaii and allowed Maximov to leave the cage with his hand raised again.

The 29-year-old Soriano has lost fights with his back.

Undefeated Rachmonoff Melts Harris

Former world M-1 champion Shavkat Rakhmonov kept his perfect professional record intact and did so spectacularly, as he eliminated Carlston Harris with a swivel hook kick and subsequent punches in the first round of the welterweight bout. Harris (17-5, 2-1 UFC) checked out 4:10 in the first round.

Rachmonov (15-0, 3-0 UFC) scored early with a backhand kick, a strong right cross and a great judo throw, but those were just the starters. After the two men jocked for a place in the clinch, they separated – to the detriment of Harris. Rachmonov wrapped his heel around his counterpart’s defenses, with the impact of the blow knocking down Renovacao’s representative on the canvas. “Nomad” followed with fists, a pair of upright right hands separating Harris from his senses.

Defeat closed the book on Harris’s five-game winning streak.

Allen Choke introduces Alvey

Former Legacy Fighting Alliance champion Brendan Allen gave Sam Alvey a hook-free choke in the second round of lightweight traction. A brief change for Phil Hawes, Allen (18-5, 6-2 UFC) threw the curtain 2:10 in the 2nd round.

Alvey (33-17-1, 10-12-1 UFC) punched the Sanford MMA for most of the first round and even shuffled in an upright position during a close exchange. However, Allen adorned him with his right hand near the end of the season and snatched the reins from there. He forced Alvey to the fence in the middle turn, threw him with a left hook and maneuvered on his back. Almost immediately, the chuck came into place and Allen’s tightness was too much for Team Quest to withstand.

The 35-year-old Alvey remains without a win in eight appearances from June 1, 2018.

Battle Quiets Unbeaten Gore

High performance, strong chin and unwavering determination led the winner of “The Ultimate Fighter 29” Bryan Battle to a unanimous decision for the previously undefeated Tresean Gore in a three-lap lightweight showcase. The battle (7-1, 2-0 UFC) swept the score cards with 29-28 marks all over the board.

In his first mission since October 3, 2020, Gore (3-1, 0-1 UFC) spun his wheels in the beginning and never succeeded. The battle kept him out of balance with a persistent piercing, precise punch combinations and a steady diet with kicks to the body. Gore bent him twice with his left hook in the second lap and spent the seconds falling to the top after seeking a guillotine chuck but failing to take advantage of his new momentum. Battle fought through adversity – and significant damage to his right eye – in Round 3, where he shifted his attacks between punch-kick combinations, removal attempts and strategic clints.

Battle, 27, has won six fights in a row.

Erosa beats Peterson in Firefight

Season 22 semifinalist of “The Ultimate Fighter” Julian Erosa won for the fifth time in six appearances, as he made a divisive decision against the former holder of the title of Legacy Fighting Championship, Steven Peterson, in a three-round featherweight fight. All three judges next to the cage scored 29-28: Derek Cleary for Peterson, Douglas Crosby and Junichiro Camiho for Erosa.

Neither man showed much concern for his physical well-being. Erosa (27-9, 5-5 UFC) set the tone in the first round, where he forced the Fortis MMA representative on his back foot and combined the pressure with strong punches. Peterson rebounded in a wild midfield as he blurred the Xtreme Couture export with repeated rights and endured a knockdown after being blinded by a spinning curl. Blood — almost all of Peterson’s nose and mouth — and competing juices flowed into Round 3. There, they exchanged heavy punches upstairs in an attempt to inflict bodily harm on each other. Erosa changed the pace with two takedowns and managed to free himself from a pair of guillotine chucks.

The defeat broke a two-game winning streak for Peterson (19-10, 3-4 UFCs), who lost three pounds to the match.

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