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Soldic, broken Andryszak, Janikowski and Pawlak in fans’ arms pay homage to each other – behind the scenes material from KSW 63 [WIDEO]

We have a package of behind-the-scenes video material for the KSW 63 premiere. There was a lot of emotion, sadness and disappointment, as well as laughter and joy of winning. Watch as fans celebrate another successful belt defense with the heavyweight champion. Listen to what Damian Janikowski and Paweł Pawlak say to each other after they leave the cage. We invite!

Here are the full results of the KSW 63 gala fights:

Evening fight:
77.1 kg: Roberto Soldic Patrik Kincla via TKO in the third round, 2:55 [OPIS WALKI + WIDEO]for the championship belt

83.9kg: Pawel Pawlak Damian Janikowski by unanimous decision of the judges [OPIS WALKI]
120.2 kg: Darko Stosic Michał Andryszak (2x 29-28, 28-29) by split decision of the judges [OPIS WALKI]
61.2 kg: Jakub Wiklacz Defeat Antun Racic in Round 1 by submission (guillotine) 1:57 [OPIS WALKI + WIDEO]
80kg: Tomasz Romanowski room Aleksandar Rakas with KO (left hook) in round 1, 1:59 [OPIS WALKI + WIDEO]
56.7 kg: Emilia Czerwinska room TKO’s Weronika Eszer (punches and elbows on ground floor) Round 2, 3:50 [OPIS WALKI + WIDEO]
93kg: Damian Piwowarczyk room Marcin Trzciński, round 2 subdued (back choke), 2:06 [OPIS WALKI + WIDEO]
56.7 kg: sara smajic room Aitana Alvarez, by unanimous decision of the judges [OPIS WALKI]
68kg: Michael Domin chamber Szymon Karolczyk, by unanimous decision of the judges [OPIS WALKI]