Stephan Bonnar update: After discovering severe staph infection, TUF 1 vet ‘just done,’ targets day job – MMA Root

Stephan Bonnar update: After discovering severe staph infection, TUF 1 vet ‘just done,’ targets day job

Best Fighter 1 veteran Stefan Bonnard now says he suffered from a severe staphylococcus infection during a recent emergency room visit and interview that left many in the MMA community concerned about his health.

Bonnard said shortly after the interview that he spent more than a month in the hospital after doctors discovered infected abscesses on both sides of a fractured vertebra, which he said had been damaged during professional wrestling. He is now on a five-week recovery program that requires him to take intravenous antibiotics every 8 hours until the staphylococcus aureus subsides. Then he can deal with the back injury.

If Staphylococcus aureus had not been treated, doctors told Bonnard that the infection could have been fatal.

“When [the doctor] said it like this, it really, wow, it shocked me, like, here I am again, ”Bonnard said to MMA Fighting. “I’m almost goddamn dead here. How did it happen? It just got to the point where I was injured, and a week later I tried to go to the intensive care unit, I was shot and I was very upset about it. But in the meantime, I have all this staphylococcus, and yes, it’s really potentially fatal, and you don’t even think about it. You are simply upset that you were not able to get treatment in the hospital – you didn’t even know why you needed treatment. ”

During his first interview for MMA Fighting, Bonnard was chained to the couch and seemed to be causing him immense pain. He said he wants someone to give him pain relievers so that he can function normally after he depleted the oxycodone he used to treat long-standing injuries to his knees, hips and neck. This has prompted many in the MMA community to conclude that his problem is related to drug addiction rather than wrestling trauma.

After watching the interview, Bonnard wanted to show fans that his need for treatment stems from a legitimate medical issue.

“I knew something was wrong,” he said. “I knew that it shouldn’t be worse – I feel 10 times worse, and that was 10 days later. So yeah, I’m sorry it didn’t come to that. ”

Bonnard said he lost 36 pounds at the hospital and showed off the walker he uses to get around the house. His wife Andrea and a nurse help him recover from the infection.

“This is also difficult to eat,” he said. “I don’t have much appetite. I just force, for the most part, protein shakes with Ensures, milk and egg, and eat them most of the day. … It really took a lot of my energy. “

Professional wrestling was mainly a hobby for Bonnard, who retired from MMA in 2015 after a 13-year MMA career. After a recent health scare, he now plans to move into a full-time job in medical device sales and retire from all competitors.

“I would like to do something that brings good results and does not really require any physical risk,” he said. “After that, I don’t want to be hurt anymore. Hopefully cure it, but I definitely don’t want to break anything. I have been injured quite often throughout my life, and I am very tired of it. I underwent 10 operations, broke about 20 bones – well, now it’s 22.

“So I’ve had enough, man. It was near my body. When I left MMA, it was in my body. But at least in wrestling, you could cooperate with the guy and avoid injury. But after that I just finished. “