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Still a Free Agent, Two-Time PFL Champ Kayla Harrison Ponders Transition to Bantamweight – MMA Root

Still a Free Agent, Two-Time PFL Champ Kayla Harrison Ponders Transition to Bantamweight

Kayla Harrison’s free agent choices may have become much more interesting.

The two-time lightweight champion in the Professional Fighters League told ESPN that she was considering a move to 135 pounds, a move that would include hiring a chef and consulting a nutritionist. The two-time Olympic gold medalist so far has competed mainly at 155 pounds and once in the featherweight. If Harrison could make the cut safely, he would open the door to some exciting fights – especially in the UFC.

“I’m thinking about it,” Harrison said of moving to bantamweight. “I heard that, Juliana [Pena] she said she would go up to 145 if they paid her enough, so that’s good news. That means I do not have to cut one arm. … I want to be the best. “Everyone is talking about her.”

Recently, the PFL appeared to be the leading candidate to re-sign Harrison and one of the press releases on the 5 155 Challenger series mentioned the call to treat Harrison as one of the incentives to win a contract. with promotion.

Harrison remains a free agent and told ESPN that the PFL is no longer the leader in the club.

“Other things have happened and some last minute things are happening behind closed doors that I’m not entirely sure what is going to happen now,” Harrison said.

After adopting her sister’s children last year, Harrison values ​​financial security above inheritance. How she will influence her final decision remains to be seen.

“Three years ago, I would have said it was a legacy,” Harrison said. “That’s all I’m saying — My counselors care about safety. Obviously, I have two children now, so for me, as difficult as it is, safety comes first. I have to make sure. There are no guarantees in it. life.There are no certainties.I could buckle my neck tomorrow and never fight again.Security is important.But if I can find a way to be safe and continue to build my legacy, I think I will win. “