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Street Fighting Moves – Do You Know the 4 Reasons Why a “Fair” Fight is a Fool’s Fight?

Do you believe in “fair” combat? Well, if you do, I would like to invite you to come to my house to meet with Easter Bunny Clause and Santa. In this article, I will give you the 4 reasons why “fair” fighting is a fool’s fight.

How Can You – How Can You Define “Fair” Fighting?

Well, we’ll see. We could start by saying that “fair” fighting is a fight of honor, peace and noble conduct. What is the …! What is the topic we are talking about here? Is this the 19th Victorian era when you confront the dude with a pair of white-laced gloves before challenging him to build a duel outdoors in the garden courtyard? Fear! If someone slaps mise despite gloves – or anything else – there will be devastating serious damage – then and there!

Let us examine in more detail this absurd idea of ​​fairness in street combat. (We’re not talking fighting sports here. We’re talking street fighting!) What else does a “fighting fair” mean?

# 1 – Fair Fight means You Hit Your Attacker once, maybe hurt him, and then stop hitting – This is a major tactical error, as you are allowing an outsider attacker to do harm you to recover and come back to you with more force and angry attacks.

# 2 – Fair Fighting means giving it to him if he asks for mercy – God is the forgiveness of souls. You are the initiator of the lumps. You do not stop your attack until the threat against you has been neutralized. Street-injured fighters will feel hurt just to be able to attack you more vicious.

# 3 – Fair Fight means you will have Reticence or Fear of hurting your attacker – Your fear of hurting the other person is a “suicidal tendency”. If you are afraid of hurting the other person, you will not use the most harmful and effective blows. You will “fight fight” with him until he sees the opportunity and the opening to hurt you badly. You have the right to seriously injure someone. That’s what fighting is all about.

# 4 – Fair Fight means you stay until it is Ready To Fight Fight – If he takes off his jacket – you wait until he takes off his jacket. If he says, let ‘s step outside and fight – you will politely follow him outside. What the heck to about! Wearing his jacket, he “bells” on the jaw with his arms still trapped in his coat sleeves! Walking ahead of you to go outside to fight, hammer-fist it from behind on the nape of the neck!

As my teacher, Norm Bettencourt, would say, “There is no such thing as a dirty fighter – just a skilled person.”

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