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Susan Mallery’s Lone Star Sisters Series

While each book in this series of four can stand on their own, you will enjoy them more if you start at the beginning Under His Skin. This first book introduces most of the characters and gives you a background to enjoy the dynamics between the sisters and their father. The three Titan sisters and their lifelong friend, Dana Birch, are fighting for their lives against her half-brother, Garth Duncan.

Garth is getting revenge because his father, Jed Titan, refused to help him when Garth was 14. Garth doesn’t mind destroying his half-sisters either, even though they had nothing to do with his father’s rejection. . They didn’t even know it existed. In the first book, Under His Skin, Lexi, the oldest Titan sister, will soon lose her business to Garth. Struggling to save her, she makes a treacherous deal with Cruz Rodrigues. He will give her the two million dollars she needs in exchange for marrying her and bringing him into Texas society. Lexi and Cruz share the past and once again purses fly as they start to deal out.

It is the second book in the series Lip Service and this is the story of Skye. Skye is the second sister in the Titan family and the one who has always tried to please their father. Her first marriage was arranged, and although Skye had already promised to marry Mitch Cassidy, she went through the marriage to keep the family at peace. This marriage has created a daughter who will later be used by her father, Jed, to keep her connected to him when he realizes that Skye and Mitch are together again. Meanwhile, Garth is moving closer to bringing down the Titan family.

Straight from the Hip he introduces the third sister into the picture. Izzy is a free spirit who is never attached and goes on the most dangerous adventure possible. Right now she’s an underwater welder on an oil rig. When the rig blows, Izzy is left with an impaired vision and the sisters agree to bring the Garth down. He is long gone when he physically injured one of them. Garth’s best friend Nick enters the picture when he helps Izzy gain the courage to perform the surgery that will restore her sight or leave her completely blind. Garth swears he had nothing to do with the explosion and vows to find out who did it. It suggests that Jed himself may have been there because Jed is desperate. Izzy starts to think that Garth may be right and decides that Garth needs to be saved. It is a family and a family means a lot to the sisters of the Titan.

Dana Birch has been friends with the sisters since childhood. Now deputy commander of the Titanville police force, she is determined to keep them safe. Hot on her heels the story of a strong woman who never promised to give any power to a man over her. As Garth becomes more human, Dana sees that she has to remove herself to keep herself safe. As the story unfolds, Jed becomes more dangerous as the net goes around him.

This series is a powerful statement on families – what it is and what it means. You don’t have to share blood to belong to a family and just because you share blood doesn’t mean you’re part of the family. Mallery created four women, each as different as possible, but strong in their love for the others and determined to keep the family together even while discovering their father’s betrayal.

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