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The History of Affliction

Back in the early days of MMA, a small clothing company in Signal Hill, California, became a big name in the hardcore fashion genre. By sponsoring big names in the UFC, like Georges St. Pierre, Randy Couture, and Quinton Jackson, as well as heavy hitters from other hard-hitting venues, Oscar De La Hoya, Shane Mosley and Zab Judah, Affliction was able to show that to emulate your MMA or heavyweight boxing ideals , you had to wear the same clothes they were wearing. Affliction came to the forefront in the “Wear Your Attitude” fashion field.

Tom Atencio, Todd Beard, Eric Foss, and Clifton Chason started in 2005, and fighters for fighters who invented the brand, which contributed to the success of Affliction, and some of the obsolete companies that developed through the Affliction business model were proven. Sinful, a line of Affliction clothing for women is characterized by the religious expressions, such as angels or angel wings, or other symbolic images – curbs, burnt hearts, roses and skulls are also commonly found on Sinful costumes. Xtreme Couture, a division of Affliction developed by Randy Couture and his wife Kim Couture in 2007, features UFC clothing, as well as fitness supplements, and MMA training facilities.

It would not be MMA without drama, and the Affliction brand has its own share. In late 2008, co – owner Todd Beard chose to resign after receiving a restraining order from Randy Couture ‘s wife. The restraining order was necessary after Beard carried out a “terrorist campaign” against the Couture’s as they asked him to provide a thorough accounting of the profits. From a Canadian perspective, nightclubs in Vancouver and Victoria, BC, as well as the prestigious Cowboy’s nightclub in Calgary, decided to prevent patrons wearing Affliction or Ed Hardy costumes from entering the premises, claiming that their uniforms the costume gang belonged. The disease responded by claiming no affinity with gangs, and that the clothing is nothing more than an “upscale men’s store brand.”

After a few years of sponsoring UFC fighters, the Affliction team had differing views on business practices with UFC management. Affliction decided to become MMA promoters, and founded the company Affliction Entertainment, which defended them a lucrative spot in the UFC ring. After two successful joint promotional events in 2008 and 2009, Affliction hit a curve ball less than 60 hours before their next event. There was a rumor that one of the fighters in the main event tested positive for steroids, and would not be allowed to fight in a case. Probably a terrible experience, the Affliction team decided to accept the UFC ‘s previous offer of advertising space on the Octagon and the UFC fighters, provided that they stopped all combat promotion operations.

UFC president Dana White said in a statement “We are excited about bringing Affliction back to the UFC and look forward to seeing our fighters once again enter the octagon wearing the Affliction brands. Affliction is an innovator for mixing fashion with the this sport, and we look forward to working together to promote the sport. “

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