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“There is no soft game” – a summary of the fifth GROMDA gala

Dust falls after the 5th gala of the organization GROMDA and it seems that the company is growing rapidly on the Polish market, will it soon be loud about GROMDA in Europe?

On Friday, May 7, the fifth gala of the largest Polish organization, which brings together barefoot fighters, took place. It can be said that so far it was the best event of Mariusz Grabowski and Mateusz Borek. This time, the list included only real athletes, which significantly translated into the level of fights, but also into emotions. We watched 7 matches in the tournament, of which we watched closely Patrick’s DaySOILTołkaczewski and BartholomewBALBOEDomalik. Both gentlemen met in the final and provided a great show. The winner of Bloody Friday was BALBOA in the end, but recognition is also due to other players who participated in the tournament, as well as the superalks. According to our editorial staff, it is worth appreciating Gromdziarzy for their performances. Below is our subjective distinction in individual categories:

Best Fight Mateusz ‘NIEDŹWIEDŹ’ Kopeć – Damian ‘GÓRAL’ Górski.

After the bloody massacre, Mateusz Kopeć turned out to be the better boxer, who had huge problems with Górski in the first minutes. Nevertheless, he got up from the boards and showed his ambitions. In the end he got his way and won.

Best Knockout: Bartłomiej ‘BALBOA’ Domalik knocks out Michał ‘BOYKA’ Walczak in the first round.

With this clash, the winner of the tournament proved to be a solid puncher. Domalik brilliantly shortened the distance to his opponent, actively worked on his legs and launched a hellish blow that cut off Walczak and terrified the small group of fans gathered in the arena.

Performance of the evening: Rafał ‘ŁAZAR’ Łazarek defeated Arman ‘ARMAN’ Amiryan by knockout in the second round.

Respect is due to Rafał for his development, which he contributed from his first bare fist fights. The popular ŁAZAR was very wisely based on straight blows and did not engage in open exchanges. Thanks to this, he exhausted his opponent’s condition and completed the work of destruction.

Audience Athlete: Łukasz ‘GOAT’ Parobiec.

It cannot be denied that in GROMDA there is a player who always gains favor with fans on social media. Łukasz ‘GOAT’ Parobiec emerged victorious from his match, and he faced Karol ‘King Kong’ Grzesiuk. The seasoned ‘GOAT’ withstood the first attack by Grzesiuk, and then with the right left straight, it breached the advancing Gromdziarz. Parobiec won in an effective style to the delight of many Internet users and is undoubtedly a fan favorite.

A positive surprise: Patryk ‘GLEBA’ Tołkaczewski.

Nevertheless, this list lacks one, very ambitious gladiator who should appear at the next gala, and that is the finalist – Patryk ‘GLEBA’ Tołkaczewski. Behind the scenes of the gala, you could see the boxer’s great determination, he wanted to win the entire tournament at all costs and at every opportunity to knock out. We hope that the organization will give its bodyguard a chance at future events. Patryk should definitely present himself between the ropes and knock out other rivals.

What distinguishes GROMDA and what aspects particularly require praise for the organizers?

  • The first and most important plus for the organizers are the rules. There are no changes to the GROMDA regulations, the people responsible for organizing the gala consistently stick to their plan, do not mix the regulations and broaden the horizons step by step. At the fifth gala everyone will admit that the performances of real athletes set a high bar for the next events, all the clashes aroused great emotions, and these were provided by the professionals.
  • The price of PPV is still unchanged, the cost of access to the gala costs only PLN 19.99 and it is worth paying for such an event. Moreover, it is rare for organizers to admit their mistakes. Unfortunately, the best match between Mateusz Kopeć and Damian Góralski was not shown in full because there were technical problems. Therefore, Mariusz Grabowski decided to compensate the fans for the failure and already on Saturday on the GROMDA YouTube channel there was a bloody shambles of BEAR and GÓRALA for free.
  • It is worth emphasizing the special setting and atmosphere. The new edition of the City of Sin is just right for barefoot fights. What do the organizers gain from the new setting? First of all, they can count on greater interest from fans, it is also a marketing gimmick and a good gala cover with press releases, and this is how we should understand it, but the effect itself is really impressive.

As for the cons, we won’t find any negative impressions. Judging by the growing popularity of gloved duels in Poland – it is possible that GROMDA will soon appear in Europe. The company has great potential and its moves are well-thought-out, so we really have to wait for the gala with the fans. There is something to think about in the coming months as the organizers can add a few things. First of all, you can encourage Gromdziarzy to fight more effectively thanks to bonuses, awards. More galas and fans are also a great idea, it would be worth considering filling the fights card with only sets without a tournament in the past. Not every gala has to be large enough to look for a tournament bracket, instead you can create numbered events with the tournament and additional ones without numbering, which would only contain single lists. At the end, we only hope that GROMDA will reach beyond the borders of our country, because in Poland they have no competition for each other.

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