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Thiago Santos Claps Back At Rakic After “Easy Win” Proclamation – MMA Root

At UFC 259, Thiago Santos went the distance against rising contender Aleksandar Rakic, then after the unanimous decision victory, Rakic ​​has taken to social media to exclaim that the fight against the Brazilian was an easy job for he.

After the fight and Rakic’s post on social media, the former light heavyweight title challenger was stumped as to why Rakic ​​would say that about him. Overall, Santos hinted that the fight was much closer than Rakic ​​believed. While the fight wasn’t the most exciting, it highlighted Rakic’s ability to keep the fight where he wants it. As a result, the Austrian-born athlete escaped the fight using his fighting skills.

Confused by Rakic’s perception of the fight, Thiago Santos posted the fight statistics on social media to emphasize that Santos was not the reason the fight was boring. To drive his point home, the Brazilian also showed that he outscored Rakic ​​while on his feet.

“Hears @rakic_ufc Why the lack of respect? Thiago Santos published. What do you mean by easy fight? All the specialized sites gave me the strike count. All you did was grab and stop! You have little memory! ”

In response to Rakic’s claims of an easy fight, Thiago Santos said the only reason it was easy is because he failed to knock out the promising 29-year-old.

The former UFC title challenger didn’t like being called an easy fight. Plus, “Marreta” acknowledges his knockout power, and the fact that Rakic ​​left in one piece is a victory in itself.

“Hears @rakic_ufc Fight easy because I won’t give you the ass! Thiago Santos published. I understand that when that doesn’t happen, it’s already a win for my opponents! “

Later, Rakic ​​explained what his expectations were for a fight with a dangerous kickboxer like Santos. Not only that, but he underscored that he didn’t have to try too hard at UFC 259 to frustrate the hard-hitting Brazilian.

“The focus was on an aggressive guy,” Rakic ​​told MMA Fighting. “I respect Thiago and I think you can respect your opponent before the fight and after the fight, but, in the cage or in the octagon, I will not respect you. And I think his problem was that maybe he was respecting me in the cage. That’s why he let me do my thing. For me it was an easy victory, because I showed maybe 60 percent of my skills. “

Although Rakic ​​expected aggression, it was speculated that Santos could enter the fight on a tentative basis after a tough loss to Glover Teixeira. In fact, the loss to Teixeira could have laid the groundwork for beating Thiago Santos. In essence, keeping the Brazilian on his back foot and having him work on the ground seems to cause problems as the fight progresses.

After a torturous recovery after Jon Jones’ title fight (multiple ACL and ACL tears), there is a mystery surrounding every Thiago Santos fight now. With a new champion sitting at the top, there are plenty of opportunities for both athletes.

What do you think of Rakic’s claim that Thiago Santos was an easy fight? Will Santos still have the same power he had before all the leg injuries? Let us know what you think below!

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