Tim Johnson in front of Fedor Emelianenko: “If I don’t win by submission or by knockout, I will probably lose”

Tim Johnson will face Fedor Emelianenko at the premiere of Bellator 269 on October 23. For the Russian, this will most likely be his last performance in his career, as well as in his homeland.

Due to the fact that the fight will take place in Russia, Johnson half-jokingly stated in one of the interviews that in order to win this duel, he had to finish the fight beforehand:

Now we have a joke on my team, if I don’t win by giving up or by knockout I will probably lose. In Russia, fighting the Russians, I have a chance to win by decision.

The American added that he knows that many fans see him as a harbinger of decisive victory for Emelianeka. Johnson sees this expression a little differently:

He knows it’s going to be a good fight and that’s what he wants, so he chose me. Fedor is a warrior who wants to return home with or without a shield. He is preparing for war.

The Russian will return after winning by TKO at Bellator 237, where he was defeated. Quinton Jackson. Johnson, on the other hand, would go out to fight after being defeated by points. My Valentinem Moldavsky On Bellator 261.