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Triller’s Ray Flores addresses Oscar De La Hoya’s commentary, fight-fixing conspiracies – MMA Root

Longtime combat sports commentator Ray Flores did not have time to analyze Oscar De La Hoya’s microphone during a paid broadcast of the Triller Fight Club event. But, sitting from his chair, he wasn’t too worried about his colleague’s behavior.

De La Hoya’s loud, incoherent and often incoherent comments have generated a lot of ridicule on the Internet. Former fighters have also raised concerns about his well-being, including former UFC champion Frank Mir, whose fight with former IBF title holder Steve Cunningham was marred by De La Hoya’s words.

Flores admits that what happened on Triller was not standard procedure, but he can’t bring himself to join the pitchfork party.

“Oscar was funny,” Flores said in What the Hell. “He tried to be funny and I let him be who he is. So if he relaxes, he will not fight tomorrow, he will not fight in a month – he will fight in July, so there are more than two and a half months left until July. A typical boxing training camp lasts about eight weeks. So if he wants to go out, if he wants to have some fun, etc. Who am I to say, “No, you can’t have fun, sir.” You are the world champion. You were a member of the Hall of Fame. You can’t have fun, Oscar.

“No, who am I to speak? I do not care. He didn’t offer me anything. He didn’t bump into me. He’s having fun. He was open and honest, and he actually gave a decent analysis during the fight. “

De La Hoya previously struggled with alcohol and cocaine addiction. He has yet to publicly comment on his appearance. At a press conference for the July Triller event, he announced that he will return to the ring against an unnamed opponent. ONE Championship CEO Chatri Sityodtong said the fight against ex-UFC Eddie Alvarez is “a real opportunity.”

“If Oscar wants to have fun, let him have fun,” Flores said. “People are like,” Was he on any substance? “I don’t know, and that’s none of my business. I was there to ask him questions and we drove off. “

Triller’s broadcast lasted over three hours between musical performances and boxing matches. Critics have alternately praised and berated the course of the event and the headliner brawl between YouTube celebrity Jake Paul and ex-MMA champion Ben Askren.

Paul’s quick knockout has sparked many accusations of fixing the fight, all of which Flores vehemently denies.

“I don’t know a single person, no matter how much they pay you, that would allow another human being, like Jake Paul, to drill you out and make your head bounce off the canvas,” he said. “Because there is only a little padding on the canvas. The bottom is largely wood and steel. … and say, “Okay, I’ll bounce my head off the canvas,” knowing what could potentially happen. How do you even put it? It doesn’t happen. It was drilled. He lowered his hands, the blow fell, and his right hand followed, and he caught fire. And so it happened.

“It takes too much effort to even come up with something like that, and the way our world works, if one person knows, if he doesn’t keep it to himself, it will manifest everywhere. So you don’t think he would have left someone’s camp by now? “

Askren’s reaction to the knockout, in particular his leaving the arena of his own free will with his wife, sparked more accusations that he was paid to rush against Paul. But Flores said the smile on the ex-champion’s face was the smile of a man happy to be in relatively good health.

“He’s happy because he doesn’t have to go to the hospital, or he can walk away on his own and not stretch out of the Mercedes-Benz stadium,” said Flores.

Flores admits that the headliner could be a little longer. But he would rather have fights stop sooner rather than later because of the precaution of the fighters.

“At this point, Jake Paul is in a desperate situation, because if he trains him again and seriously injures Askren, then he shows no restraint, but the fact that the referee stopped it: ‘Oh, this is a premature stop.’ Flores said before raising his voice.

“It’s not even his fault! He finds himself in conflict when he has nothing to do because of the referee. What do you guys want from him? Tell the referee, “Oh no, am I going to act on my own and punch this guy in the face again?” This is not how it works. “

Flores pays tribute to Paul for taking seriously his most unusual transition to boxing. Like others, he has never seen anything like it, but he does not doubt its very existence.

Paul’s prowess, combined with Askren’s approach and level of career, has resulted in a result that reportedly saw 1.2 to 1.6 million people last Saturday. According to Flores, if Paul and Thriller want the money train to keep going, they should head to Conor McGregor’s camp.

“If Jake Paul and Dillon Denis fight, can you imagine what it will be like before this fight? Oh my gosh, that would be crazy, ”he said. “If you thought the number of paid views was off the charts on this one, it would be a monster.”

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