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UFC 132: Leban Vs Silva

At UFC 132 there will be a war between two men who just love to brag. These two men are Chris Leban and Wanderlei Silva. The match between these two men could be a very good night’s fight. Chris Leban and Wanderlei Silva don’t know what a boring fight is. They both love to push forward when they are in fights and they both like to leave everything in the cradle. This fight will only be boring and will undoubtedly be a very entertaining show. Let’s look at some of the key areas that will determine the winner of this fight.


These two men love to stand to their toes with their opponents and like to see who will achieve first. In the past Lebanon and Silva have usually come out on top when their opponents are eager to stand up and trade with them.

Lebanon usually throws wild and crazy pounds. It is not his most technical strike but it is very effective as Lebanon has enormous power in both hands. After season one of Ultimate Fighter he won his first five UFC fights and proved to be a very tough fighter.

Wanderlei Silva is destined for a legend. He has nothing better to use Muay Thai to defeat and destroy his opponents until they are just a broken mess on the floor. 23 Knockouts is an excellent record in 33 MMA wins so far for Silva. While Silva will have a small edge on a technical strike, there won’t be much technique in this fight once the two meet in the mid-octagon.


Both men’s cardio is decent but I believe Lebanon will have a small edge. This is because Wanderlei Silva has just returned from a 17-month injured version. It is always good for a fighter to be as active as possible. There will definitely be some ring rust on Silva’s side that hasn’t fought that long. Add to the equation that Lebanon is the youngest man and the most active fighter (Lebanon Aaron Simpson and Yoshihiro Akiyama fought two weeks apart and both fought) and you see why Lebanon has the edge.


At his peak Wanderlei Silva had incredible speed with his Muay Thai, delivering knee after knee before this opponent was defeated. However Wanderlei Silva’s hand speed or speed of movement is not what it used to be and age but mainly injuries have removed toll.

Chris Leban has never been recognized as the fastest man in the department, but it can be said that he has the biggest heart. Lebanon is the type of fighter that will take a punch to land two so if his speed is not as high as the mark against Silva he will try to find another way to win.


These two guys love to brawl, but they both have a very good submission game. So far Chris Leban has won 6 in his career. While Lebanon has twice the submission wins compared to Wanderlei Silva (3 wins at submission) Wanderlei Silva is a Brazilian black belt. So Wanderlei Silva would not be at a disadvantage if the fight was taken to the ground. If the fight went on the scene Wanderlei Silva would be no stranger to doing then.

The Final Verdict

The battle between these two fighters has the potential to be one of the most brutal and biggest battles ever in the UFC. This is one of those games that has made a stylistic sense that will make for the perfect match.

Any other fighter might consider bringing Silva to the ground in order to test his warfare. Chris Leban is no other fighter. He will want to test his strike against MMA legend which is why this will be an exciting game, one that could be talked about for years to come. In the end I believe Chris Leban will get the win over Wanderlei Silva after three rounds of complete hell by decision.

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