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UFC 261 is this Saturday and over the next few days I’ll be sharing some of my p…

UFC 261 takes place this Saturday and over the next few days I’ll be sharing some of my predictions for the card. Starting with the main event, Zhang Weili defends her title against former champion Rose Namajunas which is expected to be Weili’s biggest test yet. Both women are excellent forwards, Rose has very good boxing skills who often fight behind her jab using good footwork to create angles and frustrate her opponents by hitting them while minimizing their chances of getting back on Rose. Rose also has a really good submission game, but we don’t see that as much as she doesn’t really fight offensively. Weili has more of a Muay Thai style mixing punches and powerful punches while applying pressure on her opponents, there are still questions about Weili’s ground play as we haven’t seen much of it and she hasn’t seen much of it. has not shown a very effective offensive wrestling in her fighting so far. Fortunately for Weili, this fight will most likely be decided on his feet. My prediction is that Weili will look to put pressure on Rose who will look to fight behind the jab and the off angle as Weili moves to counter Rose’s jab. Rose will have some success at first, but pressure from Weili will eventually reach Rose. Rose, like most boxers, can have good footwork, but will often be heavy on her lead leg, which I see as her fall. I see Weili pressure Rose back with punches and finish her combos with heavy kicks as Rose tries to go around. As the fight progresses, a finish can materialize for Weili although a decision victory is much more likely.

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