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UFC ‘Contender Series’ results: Live stream play-by-play updates – Season 5, Ep. 8 – MMA Root

UFC ‘Contender Series’ results: Live stream play-by-play updates – Season 5, Ep. 8

Dana White’s weekly series “job interviews” continue tonight with week eight (of season five) of “Contender Series,” airing live on ESPN + tonight (Tuesday, October 19, 2021) from inside UFC APEX in Las Vegas. Nevada.

Last week’s three finishes produced a commensurate trio of contracts. Slava Borshchev stole the show with a brutal Chris Duncan finish, Martin Buday dispatched Lorenzo Hood with a bad knee and Jake Hadley made up for the lost weight by submitting Mitch Raposo in the second round.

This week’s main event pits Tiger Schulmann’s acolyte, Solomon Renfro (8-1), against Ricardo Chavez (7-2) in a battle of welterweight prospects. The co-feature fight is also the only women’s fight, in which Valesca Machado (8-2) faces LFA strawweight champion Piera Rodríguez (6-0).

Recent “Contender Series” winner Caio Borralho (9-1) takes a three-week turn against Jesse Murray (8-3) at light heavyweight, Armen Petrosyan (5-1) faces finalist Kaloyan Kolev (10-0). and James Barnes (14-4) will fight Shooto Brasil veteran Pedro Falcao in the first bantamweight game.

Quick results from the ‘Contender Series’:

Solomon Renfro vs. Jonny Parsons
Valesca Machado vs. Piera Rodríguez – Rodríguez def. Machado by unanimous decision (29-28 x3)
Caio Borralho vs. Jesse Murray – Borralho def. Murray by technical knockout (punches) at 1:41 of the first round
Armen Petrosyan vs. Kaloyan Kolev – Petrosyan def. Kolev by KO (knee) at 4:27 of the first round
James Barnes vs. Pedro Falcao – Falcao def. Barnes by KO (punches) at 3:55 of the third round

Results play by play of the ‘Contender Series’:

170 pounds: Solomon Renfro vs. Jonny Parsons

Round one: kick to Parsons’s body to start. Low kick shortly after. The counters land for Renfro. Shots to the body. One minute inside. Apparent head collision in the center, then Parsons fires a kick to the head. Hard work from both men. Renfro keeps dropping him with some vicious punches. Heavy exchanges on the fence. Parsons responds while absorbing heavy blows to the body. Two minutes inside. Parsons shoots a kick to the body after things slow down. Renfro the body, eat a hard 1-2. Renfro combo blocked. Low shot from Parsons. Two minutes left.

Sharp shots from Renfro. The left counter drops Parsons while delivering a bare low kick. Renfro lands one knee on the way up. Right hook fist. One minute left. Parsons with a kick to the body to 1-2. Renfro responds to a trip attempt with a takedown against the fence. Parsons stands up and breaks away. Some late fire from Parsons. 10-9 Renfro.

Round Two: Parsons lands a right hand to the body, attempts a head kick behind him. Heavy right crusader. Low kick to kick to the body. Uppercut just fails. Clean 1-2. One minute inside. Renfro searches for the body. The hard right hand connects. Parsons right cross. Renfro’s body shot was met with a low kick. 1-2 of Parsons. Two minutes inside. They both smell a lot in the central cage. Parsons tris a Brazilian kick. Shot to the body of Renfro, two-piece Parsons. Heavy exchange. More shots to the body from Renfro. Two minutes left.

Parsons low shot, Brazilian shot just misses. Parsons steps in with a pair of hard right hands, eats body shots, takes an overhead hook. Renfro came forward right to body shot. Parsons tries an elbow and goes into half guard. One minute left. Staying heavy, landing occasional punches. 10-9 Renfro.

Round three:

Final score:

115 pounds: Valesca Machado vs. Piera Rodríguez

Round one: Machado stands up, hits the body. Good cross connections on the right. 3-2. Low kick, avoid return fire. Rodriguez tries to jump in for a minute and lands a clean counter to the right. Another right hand in combination causes Machado to stumble and Rodriguez continues with more good shots. Machado seems firm. Two minutes inside. Rodríguez connects a double leg and pushes her towards the fence. Machado quickly appears and they separate. 1-2 by Machado. Rodríguez looking for accountants. Exchanging heat with two minutes to go.

Rodríguez tries a kick to the head. She shoots, denies, lands a heavy combo at halftime. Machado doubles with right crosses, he eats one in the clinch. One minute left. Machado framing, elbow landing. They trade at halftime. Strong left hook from Machado, who hits a shot. 10-9 Rodriguez.

Second round: 1-2-1-2 by Machado, who hits a shot. Rodriguez combination. One minute inside. Brutal 2-3 counterattack absorbed by Machado. Machado hits her with a left hook as they trade, to which Rodríguez responds with a kick to the body. Kick to the body of Machado. In two minutes. Swapping point blank, they both connect. 1-2-3 lands for Rodríguez. Machado 1-2. Good Machado whizzer to deny a takedown. Two minutes left.

They separate shortly after. They exchange blows. Machado pushing forward, avoid a spin and tie. Rodríguez backtracks with one minute to go. Rodriguez gets the body block but can’t complete the shot. 10-9 Machado.

Round Three: Teep lands for Rodriguez, who eats a hard left hook. Jab de Rodríguez. Exchange of low kicks. Rodríguez shoots and takes her to the fence for a minute inside. The elbow and uppercut land for her before they part. Machado returns with some tough rights that drive Rodríguez to finish. Negotiate at the break. Rodriguez’s hard left hook. After two minutes. Machado with a good knee clinch, succumbs to a double leg. Machado approaches the fence. She stands up, connects with two minutes to go.

Tired shot of Rodriguez. Machado lands well in the clinch before breaking away. 2-3 by Rodríguez, front kick down. Machado hits the clinch. The good knee returns to her and Rodriguez completes the takedown on guard. One minute left. Back up, back up. Rodríguez gets on and tries to drop bombs at the bell. 10-9 Rodríguez, but you could argue for Machado.

Final result: Rodríguez def. Machado by unanimous decision

205 pounds: Caio Borralho vs. Jesse Murray

Round one: Murray circling, sending kicks. Borralho side shot. Murray looks for a combination that Borralho walks away from. The body shot connects. One minute inside. Nice kick to Borralho’s body, then to the head. Borralho responds to a hard cross with one of his own, then ruins it with a right hook. Borralho jumps on him and hits until the referee intervenes.

Final result: Borralho def. Murray by TKO (punches)

205 pounds: Armen Petrosyan vs. Kaloyan Kolev

Round one: Petrosyan’s early low kick. Sharp control hook, but Kolev goes through it for an easy double leg. Petrosyan, trying to stand against the fence, is beaten down. Kolev takes a minute behind and loses it. Still attached as Petrosyan makes his way. Holding Petrosyan against the fence. You try a single bass, you don’t get it. Running the pipe briefly takes down Petrosyan. Petrosyan is separated with two minutes to go.

Strong punches from Petrosyan, but a back fist allows Kolev to re-tie. Petrosyan with a kick to the head at the break, heavy left hook. Kolev fires back, denied. Petrosyan bombards with heavy blows, catches him leaning with a kick to the head that lands on the knee. Kolev collapses and Petrosyan polishes him with a few more punches.

Final result: Petrosyan def. Kolev by KO (knee)

135 pounds: James Barnes vs. Pedro Falcao

Round One: Land the low kick for Falcao. He tries to change ranks and Barnes puts him on the fence. Barnes’s hands are clasped. One minute inside. Searching for knees. Falcao backs up and sinks his knee to the floor below. They are separated for two minutes inside. Low shot from Falcao after taking a few hits. Barnes continues to press forward. Falcao’s knee, who shoots from too far. Barnes collapses and lands one knee on the floor above from the front headlock. Change levels on the fence. Two minutes left.

Falcao defends with a whizzer. They separate. Falcao’s low shot with one minute to go. Front kick to the body. Barnes throws a lead to the right and shoots, only for Falcao to frame, break away, and land a left hook. Strong cross to the right. I try with the elbow, kicks to the body. 10-9 Falcao.

Round two: Barnes opens with a low kick, eats a low-high 1-2. Falcao’s low kick. It circles away with a shot. Barnes shoots again, he can’t take it down thanks to Falcao’s whizzer. Nice knee from Barnes before they break up. Falcao changes levels in range and leaves him on guard in a minute. Short strokes from the top. Half guard now. Two minutes inside. Barnes rises to regain his guard, but gives up lateral control. Barnes uses the fence to rebuild his base and stand up, Falcao is still attached. Falcao hits him with a bodylock, taking lateral control with two minutes to go.

Falcao gets up for some stronger shots. Slippery movement to ride with more than a minute to work. Wrap up a triangle of arms as Barnes tries to defend the blows, but the fence gets in the way. Barnes waits for it to pass, so Falcao gets back up and hits from behind. 10-9 Falcao.

Third round: Falcao takes a shot, then shoots in return. Another nice takedown in lateral control. Barnes spins and turns it into his own takedown, which he completes in one minute. Falcao uses the cage to stand up. He breaks away, takes a shot and pushes him into the guard for two minutes inside. Half guard. Staying heavy, looking for short strokes. Two minutes left.

Looking for mount after pulling Barnes away from the fence. He does so, then gets into position to bombard Barnes with vicious punches.

Final result: Falcao def. Barnes by KO (hits)

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