UFC Fighter Irwin Rivera Granted Release After Two Attempted Murder Charges – MMA Root

UFC Fighter Irwin Rivera Granted Release After Two Attempted Murder Charges

Irwin Rivera was released by police on a charge of attempted murder earlier this year.

The UFC fighter was released on parole after the judge upheld his acquittal for insanity. Rivera has been in custody since January 6 on two felony counts of attempted murder after allegedly stabbing his sisters. Rivera was released on Tuesday after a hearing Monday. ESPN Deportes was the first to report the outcome of the case.

According to a conviction, Rivera was diagnosed with bipolar disorder and it was found that the attack on his sisters was the first episode of this condition. Dr. Sheila Rapa testified during the hearing that Rivera is able to work with drugs and that he is not a threat to himself or anyone else. He also had “no problem” with Rivera continuing his MMA career.

In order for Rivera to remain out of detention or hospital treatment, he must remain on medication and under the supervision of a psychiatrist. For travel, he should be accompanied by family or friends, including MMA teammates Gilbert Burns and Sean Soriano.

Rivera was arrested after admitting to stabbing his sisters in January. One was treated for a dropped lung, while the other was stabbed in the back, arms, face and hands. At the time, Rivera claimed he had been told to kill his sisters by a “superior force”. No woman was permanently injured and both testified on behalf of Rivera during the hearing. Rivera’s family also defended him shortly after the attack.

Rivera fought three times under the UFC in 2020. The Titan FC veteran went 1-2 in the Octagon, most recently with the verdict against Andre Ewell in UFC Fight Night 178.