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UFC Releases Venum Pay Scale, Promising Additional $1 Million to Athletes Per Year – MMA Root

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The Ultimate Fighting Championship is on paper, increasing the amount of dollars the fighters will pay according to its policy, but fighters will have to read the fine print first.

The offer announced via ESPN on Thursday that the Venum outfitter adjustment began on April 1, with Reebok relegated solely to footwear with the UFC advancing. The first official use of the Venum racing gear kit will take place at the UFC on ABC 2 on April 10, which is still looking for a replacement headliner after Darren Till broke his neck.

According to UFC Senior Executive Vice President and CEO Lawrence Epstein, the offer will increase athletes’ total pay by about $ 1 million. Fighters at every level of UFC experience will be paid more than their sums from 2017. Newcomers to the UFC, those with one to three fights, will now be paid $ 4,000 compared to the previous $ 3,500. Champions and challengers will receive a $ 2,000 hit from their previous amounts. According to ESPN, the Venum deal does not pay as much as Reebok’s $ 70 million, six-month contract, and clarified that the new partnership will last about three years. When adjusted for inflation, as revised by Bloody elbow, the boost is actually a relative reduction in wages.

Fighters will still be able to work with other UFC-cleared sponsors, such as Monster Energy, and can negotiate with outside vendors for anything that includes “things not related to the fight of the week.” The same set of requirements applies from Reebok to Venum, except for one small but notable change. Athletes must now check in and submit their credentials for testing, per MMA Fighting. Athletes will not be allowed to wear mouths displaying logos or trademarks other than the UFC, but may use those displaying names, country flags and other designs approved by the UFC.

The analysis of each step is as follows:

1-3 periods: $ 4,000
4-5 periods: $ 4,500
6-10 Seasons: $ 6,000
11-15 periods: $ 11,000
16-20 periods: $ 16,000
21+ periods: $ 21,000
Challenger title: $ 32,000
Champion: $ 42,000


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