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UFC ‘sabotaging’ Francis Ngannou because ‘Predator’ refused to sign lowball contract extension – MMA Root

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UFC ‘sabotaging’ Francis Ngannou because ‘Predator’ refused to sign lowball contract extension

Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC) president Dana White is not a fan of reigning heavyweight champion Francis Ngannou and his troubles go back several years. It is not that “The Predator” is the champion of the first division that feels disrespected by the promotion, but it seems that White and company do everything they can to make Ngannou look bad.

Why would a promoter actively discredit one of its top stars?

“I didn’t sign a new contract,” Ngannou revealed to The MMA Hour. “First of all, there is a champion clause and they have been trying to push with an extension, but I did not sign a new contract and I think that is basically the problem. That is what is causing all these problems because I do not want to sign a new agreement on certain terms. I do not feel protected in those terms: in the last two years I fought twice and I have to borrow money to live. Nobody cares about that. I have no guarantees and I have no protection, so based on that experience I want to get something better, better conditions in my contract and obviously I paid what I deserve ”.

Ngannou, 35, has expressed his desire to be paid more for his efforts inside the cage after putting together one of the most impressive heavyweight careers in recent history. But winning five in a row, with the five victories by thunderous knockout, didn’t have much influence at the negotiating table.

So, without a new agreement to define its heavyweight champion, the UFC chose to create an interim title and “sabotage” Ngannou in the process.

“What bothers me is the fact that to promote that fight they were trying to discredit me and pretend, ‘If you want to go on vacation, stay and when you want to fight, here we are.’ No, I want to fight and I was not on vacation, ”said Ngannou. “And they use an ‘Embedded’ video to play that game, to pretend to discredit me and show that I was on vacation. That bothers me because that’s not right. I know it’s not true, it’s just to discredit me, to control the narrative. I have no problem if you want to do the interim, just do it without sabotaging me. “

Ciryl Gane captured the backup strap by stopping Derrick Lewis at UFC 265 last August in Houston and will attempt to unify the division titles by defeating Ngannou at the UFC 270 headliner this January in Las Vegas. And with his championship clause, Ngannou will automatically extend his current contract fight by fight until he loses.

“The UFC is a beautiful and enjoyable promotion,” Ngannou continued. “I love being in the UFC. The only part that is challenging now is the behind-the-scenes part. But fighting, I love it. That’s for sure, I love promotion, that’s not questionable. I still hope this works. I still hope, I wish it turned out well. In the meantime, if it doesn’t work, I can’t do anything. “