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The chaos of UFC 261 is still in the air, but it’s time for us to move on to a map that might match its action, if not its star power.

UFC Vegas 25 signals a return to the relatively overwhelmed UFC APEX in Las Vegas after an eventful trip to a crowded stadium in Jacksonville, Florida, and light heavyweights Dominic Reyes and Jiri Prochazka are responsible for the closure of the show, which takes place in a weird atmosphere after the fans returned to their seats again. They won’t lack motivation, live audience or not.

As unfair as it sounds, Reyes is at risk of morphing from the Man who would have liked to be king after he nearly toppled John Jones at UFC 247 to a constant run after Ian Blachowicz defeated him for the vacant UFC light heavyweight title. 253. Potentially three defeats in a row shouldn’t negate the 12 straight wins that Reyes started with, but lately that’s all you’ve done for me and Reyes hasn’t officially won since 2019.

Prochazka is enjoying an impressive win over Volkan Oezdemir in July, but even he has to deal with the possibility that his hype could cool off if he doesn’t show strong results against Reyes. Many fighters have made a brilliant debut in the UFC only to see that this is their peak, not the beginning of their ascent, and although Prochazka has already reached in his career, there is no guarantee that he will remain in negotiations for the title in near future if Reyes puts it down.

In another major card action, featherweight veteran Cube Swanson hopes to pass Giga Chikadze his first UFC defeat, light heavyweights Ion Kutelaba and Dustin Jacoby face off with a lot of warmth following Friday’s throw-in brawl, middleweights Sean Strickland and Krzysztof Jotko. -Losing streak of fights, fast-gaining bantamweight Merab Dvalishvili will fight the stubborn Cody Stamann, and Polyana Botelho will fight Luana Carolina in the fight in the intermediate weight up to 128.5 pounds

What kind: Ufc vegas 25

Where: UFC APEX in Las Vegas

When: Saturday, May 1st. The entire event will be streamed on ESPN2 and ESPN +, starting with a five-fight preliminary map at 7:00 PM ET and then a six-fight main map at 10:00 PM ET.

Dominic Reyes vs. Jiri Prochazka

They really didn’t give Dominik Reyes or Jiri Prochazka an easy route to the title shot here. Both men are talented and athletic and able to end the fight instantly. Whatever game plan they have, it can be canceled in a hurry, depending on how the initial trades go.

Reyes should avoid falling into the unorthodox and sometimes mesmerizing movements of the Prochase. At times it may seem that Prochazka is fooling around, but the outstanding Czech figure showed that his madness has its own method. He can hit from corners that some light heavyweights can, and he does it with precision. Reyes gets to cut these corners early so Prochazka has to guess what will happen next.

It won’t be a head-on fight; rather, we are likely to see a lot of fakes and tricks before the action begins. But once that happens, this fight won’t last long. I expect the first round to be a groping process and the finish to come in the second round. And I love it when Reyes throws the knockout punch. I give him a slight speed advantage and I don’t think his chin should be considered suspicious at all just because he couldn’t handle Jan Blachowicz’s infamous Polish Force. Look for him to dodge Skit’s best shots while he slipped to land his own.

We’re going to find out how much Reyes has learned from his struggle.

To choose: Reyes

Cub Swanson vs. Giga Chikadze

It’s time for Cuba Swanson to showcase yet another rookie who’s not a veteran to make a name for himself.

Make no mistake, Giga Chikadze is as exhilarating fresh face as their 145 pound weight. He is a smart fighter with outstanding technical punching skills – a combination that propelled him to a 5-0 start in the UFC, including a four-wins campaign in 2020. it took him less than a round to remove Jamie Simmons.

In MMA, technical excellence is just one factor. It’s impossible to measure the heart and stamina that Swanson brings to the cage, let alone the all-around that has kept him in the top 15 featherweight rankings for much of the past decade. He saw all this, and the gifted Chikadze will not scare him away.

In my opinion, more revealing is how Chikadze reacts when Swanson drags him into deep waters. The Killer Cub has been in absolute wars, and when it comes to MMA, few have passed the test like him. Cron Gracie and Doo Ho Choi are two names that come to mind when thinking of the fun fighters who discovered there was another level of competition after running the distance with Swanson.

This is not about “exposing” Chikadze, as I think Swanson is the perfect opponent for him at this stage of his journey to the UFC. I just don’t think he’ll get over that hump yet.

To choose: Swanson

Ion Cutelaba vs. Dustin Jacoby

Give me the technical insight into Dustin Jacoby’s kickboxing over the power of the wild man Ion Cutelaba.

The strength of the fight and finishing of Kutelaba cannot be overemphasized. If he closes the distance early, it could be a big problem for Jacobi and another finish in the first round for Kutelaba. But if Jacoby can weather this storm, the fight will be the winner. Kutelaba is a poor defensive fighter who relies on his natural toughness to compensate for the fact that he gets hit a lot. This is a poor strategy against a fighter with Jacoby’s striking abilities.

In this case, Jacoby will avoid the clinch attack and focus more on ranged combat, which is not easy to do in a small cage on APEX. But I think he will outplay Kutelaba on his feet and show enough takedown defense to win this card fight.

To choose: Jacobi

Sean Strickland vs. Krzysztof Jotko

According to experts, Sean Strickland is a favorite of almost 3: 1, which is a little disrespectful to Krzysztof Jotko, who has worked in the team for a long time.

There is reason to be confident in Strickland. He looked like a new person since jumping up to 185 pounds, unencumbered by the heavier weight reduction and free to let his arms – and words – fly inside the cage. His faith in himself is now going through the roof, and this makes him dangerous.

If you choose Yotko here, it’s because you think he might use his size and experience to screw it up. Imagine a scenario in which Yotko quickly parries and clinches and fills Strickland space, and you will understand why Yotko is a living outsider. It may not always be pretty, but a man wins in decisions. In the 16 fights that fall on the points list, Yotko has risen in almost all cases, except for one.

This fight will also go a long way, and Strickland will be the winner in a tough fight.

To choose: Strickland

Merab Dvalishvili vs. Cody Stmann

I don’t know when Merab Dvalishvili will meet an opponent who can solve his fight, but I doubt that this will happen this weekend.

Cody Stmann is a strong wrestler in his own right and more than capable of giving Dvalishvili a tough fight. But at the end of the day, I don’t think he has any protection against punches or throws to keep Dvalishvili away from him. Dvalishvili is a fast-paced striker and now that he has added that to his solid wrestling base, he is well on his way to a future title shot.

For Stamann to win, he will have to hold on and move and, if the time is right, act aggressively in his takedown attempts. It is unlikely that anyone will be able to hold onto Dvalishvili, but putting him on his backside several times in a fight can make a huge difference. Even then, Staman could find that he rolled over and went for a walk even at best. Dvalishvili is just good.

Dvalishvili with a convincing decision.

To choose: Dvalishvili

Polyana Botelho vs. Luana Carolina

Unless Luana Carolina has a hidden Jiu Jitsu black belt, I expect it to be a standing fight dominated by Poliana Botelho.

Carolina has been offered companion matches in her previous two matches, first having to face former KSW champion Arian Lipsky in July (and we all remember how that turned out * shudder *), and now attracts the more experienced Botelho. In terms of physical gifts and potential, Carolina is certainly an intriguing prospect, but she needs more seasoning. The level of her competition before leaving the Contenders Series does not match that of Botelho.

This should be a great opening on the main map, as neither woman is afraid to take the center of the octagon and exchange shots. I choose Botelho to finish with strikes, perhaps first.

To choose: Botelho

Preliminary activities

Luana Pineiro def. Randa Marcos

TJ Brown def. Kai Kamaka

Loma Lookboonmee def. Sam Hughes

Andreas Mikhailidis, def. KB Bhullar

Luke Sanders, protection. Felipe Colares

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