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UFC Vegas 26: Alex Morono knocked out Donald Cerrone! The sixth fight “Cowboy” without a victory (WIDEO)

ufc vegas 26 morono cerrone

Alex Morono knocked out Donald Cerrone in the first round of the duel at the gala UFC Vegas 26. The legendary “Cowboy” has not had any victories in the last six appearances.

Morono started the fight with a right hook, but Cerrone successfully dodged the attack and went into the clinch. Alex took a better position in close combat and it was he who pressed his rival to the net. The contestants finally tore the grip and action returned to the center of the octagon. Morono pressed forward, delivering a few well-aimed strikes. Alex put a lot of strength into his punches, while Donald concentrated on scoring left straights and torso kicks. “Cowboy” unsuccessfully tried to overthrow. Cerrone and Morono fought an active skirmish standing up, numerous blows were fired from both sides. In the last minute of the round, Morono violated Donald with one of his attacks. Pushed into deep defense, Cerrone withdrew into the net. Alex moved forward with the combination of successive strokes. Bewildered, Cerrone was unable to defend himself any further and the referee interrupted the duel.

170 lb: Alex Morono room Donald Cerrone via TKO at 4:40 of Round 1

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