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UFC Vegas 43 results: Ketlen Vieira batters Miesha Tate for main event win – MMA Root

UFC Vegas 43 results: Ketlen Vieira batters Miesha Tate for main event win

Miesha Tate and Ketlen Vieira met in a women’s bantamweight clash tonight (Saturday, November 20, 2021) at UFC Vegas 43 from UFC Apex in Las Vegas, Nevada. It was close, but Vieira emerged as the clear winner.

Vieira hit an early right to start the contest, but Tate responded shortly after. Vieira hit her hard and looked at the faster woman. Tate fell short on his punches and Vieira responded with a couple of counterattacks. Tate landed a good right hand, then about a minute later, he put together a longer combination and scored well again. Tate finished in the clinch, but Vieira quickly escaped and scored with the jab. Vieira attacked but was rammed back into the fence. Vieira shot for one leg, but Tate did a rear drag to deny the shot and finish the round in good position.

Vieira hit some hard counters to start the second. Tate responded with a surprising high kick, but Vieira took it without a problem. Good 3-2 scored for the former champion, then the two exchanged great rights. Vieira spun her opponent with a low kick. The two began to open up and exchange a bit more just before the midpoint of the round. Front kick to the chin from Miesha Tate! More great exchanges of each woman. Tate attempts a takedown but lands when he misses. Vieira lands a couple of rights on the counter. The second round featured long pauses punctuated by wild fights, which resulted in a close round.

The third round saw early exchanges of blows from Vieira and low kicks from Tate. Tate was pushing, but Vieira landed more efficiently. Vieira hit a right and denied a takedown. The left Uppercut-hook combo landed for Vieira again, followed by a stiff jab. Tate pressed her against the fence, but Vieira once again denied the takedown attempt. Tate finished with a good flurry, but was largely separated this round.

The fourth frame began with a charge from Tate, who managed to land a right hand. Tate timed a takedown very well and dragged his enemy to the mat! Vieira immediately got to his feet, denying Tate the rear shot and regaining the clinch along the fence. Tate kept her against the cage and landed a few shots from there. Tate’s big 3-2 was immediately answered by a Vieira forehand as they returned to center. Tate landed a couple of knees from the clinch, but Vieira also attacked the body with uppercuts. Vieira hit a combination to counter a low kick, then broke a clinch with an elbow. The two finished the round in the clinch, exchanging shots.

Vieira’s Snappy 1-2 started the final frame. Tate shot, won the clinch and scored a pair of knees. Vieira landed on the counter once more. Vieira’s stiff jab landed again, then put together a combination. Tate’s nose was bleeding wildly in the middle of the round. Great right hand connection from Tate, but Vieira just ate it. Tate was looking for the home run right hand, but Vieira kept hitting it with counterattacks in the process.

There were some close rounds, and the Diaz-style facial comparison doesn’t always tell the whole story, but by the end of 25 minutes, it was pretty clear who won the fight. Vieira was simply the heaviest hitter, and despite her best efforts and clear improvement, Tate’s hitting wasn’t skillful enough to close the gap.

Result: Ketlen Vieira defeats Miesha Tate by unanimous decision (49-46, 48-47, 48-47)

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