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UFC veteran Brendan Schaub saved kids from car crash

UFC Veteran Brendan Schaub, saved three children from a car crash in Los Angeles. According to ABC 7, a mother of four was murdered on the highway by her husband, who intentionally caused an accident.

Schaub is a UFC heavyweight veteran who decided to end his MMA cage adventure a long time ago and focused on his career in stand-up and podcasting. The candidate for the podcast “The Fighter and The Kid” spoke about the situation that unfolded a few days ago.

Brendan was going to dinner with his girlfriend when he saw the wreckage of the vehicle. There was a child sitting on it, waving and calling for help. Schaub stopped and was the first person at the crash scene. Another man appeared right behind him. According to Brendan, there was rubble all over the scene and the car had a fuel leak. Brendan smashed the glass of the already shattered wreckage to reach the other two children who were stuck in the car.

There was a six or seven year old man waving and calling for help on the wrecked car. I told my girlfriend it was kind of a baby. She told me to continue, but I didn’t agree. He pointed to two children who were stuck in the vehicle. The car was wrecked, and there was another guy with me, maybe a truck driver, I’m not sure, but we were there first. There were two children in the wrecked car, and the older one cried out that he didn’t want to die. I calmed him down. I couldn’t open the door. So I broke the glass which was already broken. I’m not Captain America, so I would take out the broken glass and drag the kids out the window.

I told myself that couldn’t be sure. I had in my head that I had children, I couldn’t die like that. But I focused on these children.

Ahead I saw a woman who was unconscious – there was blood everywhere, parts of her brain. The children called their mother and I asked them not to look there. They were so young that it would ruin their psyche. I asked the man who was also at the accident scene to cover her with a blanket.

Schaub confessed that when the children got out of the car, he returned to his car and drove away. It turns out that the car that caused the crash was driven by the husband of the woman who died in the crash. The assailant was arrested and charged with murder. As MMAFighting reported, the woman’s husband will also be charged with attempted murder, child abuse, assault and resisting arrest.

The MMA veteran also organized a fundraiser for the children of the woman who died in the crash.