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Up Close & Personal – A Street-Smart Guide to Fighting From the Clinch

“Up Close & Personal: A Street-Smart Guide to Fighting from the Clinch” by Richard Nance & David Hallford covers an important area of ​​fighting and self-defense. Many close and intimate fights end with one or both combatants entering and clinching. In this DVD, Nance and Hallford’s self-defense instructors teach you how to fight off and win when the fight goes to the clinic.

The DVD was produced by Paladin Press, and filmed in his Colorado studio. As with other titles in the Paladin catalog, the lighting, camera angles, sound and editing are very well done.

As for the guidance from Nance and Hallford, I found it to be clear, practical and well-mannered. It is a good program and I practiced some of the techniques with training partners and found the techniques worthwhile. As with most self-defense programs, basic techniques are basic techniques, and you may be familiar with some of the things the instructors teach. I was familiar with many of the things taught, but Nance and Hallford did some things in a different way and I enjoyed trying their changes. A really good thing about this program is that it focuses entirely on clinch techniques, and it’s nice to have such a collection in one go.

After a brief introduction, types of clinics are described. From there, the audience is shown how to enter the clinic defensively and abusively. Position and head position are a few of the things taught in the next chapter on body position. From there, the program goes on combat strikes including various angle strikes, upper cuts and head poles.

The next chapter focuses on the collar tie clinic, which is in a neutral position. Knee strikes are used extensively in this section as well as elsewhere in the program. A simple pin and twist technique is taught from this position as well as an angle locking ear make-up technique. The next few chapters describe Overhooks and Underhooks with various techniques and strikes to use from these positions including hand pull, breaking the hooks and eye gouge takedown.

The Muay Thai Clinch chapter contains some simple practical techniques for this excellent site. If you can grab your opponent ‘s head / neck as instructors report for the Muay Thai Clinic, you will be able to pump it to its knees and throw it to the ground. I have made similar takedowns in real variations and liked this chapter because of its simplicity and practicality.

After the Muay Thai Clinic, the instructors discuss weapons in the clinic. A brief explanation of lethal force is included which I believe, as a self – defense attorney and instructor, is extremely important and often occurs in self – defense programs. Instructors demonstrate offensive techniques armed with firearms and a knife. The instructor believes that it is important to have a weapon available on both sides while carrying a firearm on his right and a knife on his left. Basic instruction on how to employ either weapon in a clinic is taught. A short chapter on arms detention is also included. This is an important consideration because it may be easy for your opponent to take up your weapon if you are not aware of this possibility and make sure he cannot get your weapon.

After teaching you how to employ your weapons, the instructors cover when your opponent is armed and if you are not. This is the worst case scenario, and the guide is practical and basic and teaches how to break your opponent before they draw their weapons. Follow-up is covered as stomps, kicks and subsequent fixation techniques.

And finally, the last chapter covers some environmental concerns and then there is a brief conclusion. The whole program is about 120 minutes and contains practical guidance with little repetition or filling material. It’s a strong program that focuses on fighting from the clinic and contributes well to anyone’s self-defense training library. The techniques are easy to learn and practice with a training partner and will enable you to better protect yourself when things get Close & Personal.

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