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Velasquez Shouldn’t Get Jail Time Due To “Temporary Insanity” – MMA Root

UFC middleweight Derek Brunson spoke out about Cain Velasquez after he was arrested on charges of attempted murder earlier this week.

Velasquez faces at least 20 years in prison after he set out to shoot an alleged molester of one of his younger relatives. The incident included a high speed chase where Velázquez intended to shoot the molester, but instead shot the alleged molester’s stepfather.

The shooting victim is being treated at a Bay Area hospital and is expected to make a full recovery from his injuries.

In recent days, many in the MMA community have spoken out in support of Velasquez. Including UFC President Dana White, who hinted that he thinks most people in Velasquez’s shoes would have done the same.

In a recent Instagram post, Brunson defended Velasquez’s lawsuit and called for a minor sentence.

“No one said Cain Velasquez handled the situation legally,” Brunson said. “From the first day we became a loving father, our goal is to guide and protect our children through life. If allegations by a 40 year old man of molesting a 4 year old for over a year (even once) are true. Cain acted in a temporary (temporary definition is read as not permanent, even a year can be temporary compared to a year) frenzy and should at best be put on probation. Nobody was killed. DO NOT CONTACT WITH KIDS OR YOU WILL GET WHAT YOU GET #FreeCainVelasquez.”

Brunson’s comments come shortly after former UFC bantamweight champion Ronda Rousey recently hinted she would do the same, if not worse. In a separate Instagram post, Brunson donned a shirt in support of Velasquez and his legal situation.

But the shirt was apparently only the beginning of Brunson’s support for Velasquez. Soon then on his twitter pageBrunson revealed that he and the MMA community raised $10,000 for Velasquez’s legal fees.

“Like a father, I feel for you Cain,” Brunson tweeted. “The MMA community has supported you! 10k for 2 1/2 days sent to my wife! #FreeCainVelasquez.

The investigation into the Velasquez case and the shooting incident continues. He’s going to face trial next week and we’ll bring you the latest news right here on MMA News.

Do you agree with Derek Brunson’s opinion on Cain Velasquez?