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Vicente Luque Unwilling To Face Gilbert Burns Even If Title Is Involved – MMA Root

Vicente Luque, the # 6 welterweight, is entering the top of the division, but admits there are other fights for him and Gilbert Burns, even if there are world titles involved.

Over the years, hard-hitting Brazilians have become close friends, and Vicente Luque has no interest in fighting friends and family. The rising welterweight comes red hot from a submission win against former champion Tyron Woodley. Specifically, Luque’s ability to mix versatile fighting rhythm and hitting has become a tough challenge for any welterweight.

As Burns is coming off a brutal TKO loss to champion Kamaru Usman, Luque is excited to see his teammate take on Stephen “Wonderboy” Thompson at UFC 264.

Gilbert Burns and Stephen Thompson
Gilbert Burns and Stephen Thompson

Revenge is on the welterweight’s mind because Luque already faced Thompson once before and it didn’t go his way. The Brazilian also suffered a lot of nose damage against the astute punching specialist, but learned many lessons while suffering defeat.

Vicente to help Burns with Thompson Fight

Having competed about three weeks ago, Vicente Luque is happy to see his teammate shoot a former opponent who worked him while standing. The welterweight top 10 spoke about his excitement for his teammate’s upcoming fight (h / t

“It’s crazy because I just fought a guy he fought with and now it will be the other way around. That’s why we always help each other, ”Vicente Luque told “I’ve fought Wonderboy and I know how he moves there, so I’ll let Gilbert know as much as I can so that he gets the victory. I’ll help him with whatever he needs and I think it’s a good match for Gilbert. “

It seems that Vicente Luque is confident that he learned some tools to beat “Wonderboy,” even though he lost his fight against him in 2019. If Burns won, the former title challenger could possibly be in line to face the champion once more. . However, even if that happens, Vicente Luque admits that fighting with his close friends and teammates is never going to happen.

“We have already said that we will not fight each other. We are more than friends, we are brothers, ”Vicente Luque said. “Our families are very close and we have a relationship that is different than most teammates. Let’s think of something. We both want to be champions and for that we will work. We both want to be champions. For now, there are a lot of other guys we can fight. “

In the end, the talent pool within the welterweight division is deep enough that there is no shortage of elite fighters for Luque and Burns to square off. The problem is, they both rank in the top five in the division and soon there’s no question that fans will be clamoring for the style showdown.

For now, it seems like the possibility of friends fighting is off the table, but Luque understands that each of them wants to become a UFC champion. Therefore, a nuanced approach will be necessary to not fight each other if both continue to move closer to the title. Currently, Burns is coming off a loss and Luque from a victory, so the problem will at least not present itself in the immediate future.

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