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(VIDEO) Big brawl in the match in France! The football player was hit in the head with a bottle. The fans attacked the field.

In the last match of the 3rd round of the French Ligue 1, Nice and Olympique de Marseille teams faced each other yesterday evening. The match was interrupted as the home fans came onto the pitch and a regular brawl began in which several players from Marseille were hit. In one of the recordings, we see one of the security guards knocking down an aggressive fan.

Nice have 4 points – they drew with Reims in the first match of Ligue 1, they drew sensationally in the second match. Defeated Lille’s team 4-0. Marseille also has 4 points after the first two games of the season. Yesterday’s game was going to be really exciting and it wasn’t like that in the second half.

The first half was very close, but it was Marseille who exchanged more passes and controlled the game. The second half started pretty much the same, but despite the visitors having more possession of the ball, Nice created more movement and they took the lead after a goal in the 49th minute. Kaspera Dolberga.

A fight and an interrupted game Nice – Olympic Marseille

A quarter of an hour before the end of the match, Marseille had to take a corner kick. Then he hit the ball Dimitri Sequinsinsults were made, and after a while the fans began to throw at him bottles and other items.

One of them hit him directly on the head, then the football player could not stand it and started throwing things into the stands. It was a real detonator and the fans didn’t wait long to get onto the pitch.

The guards could not completely withstand the crowds that took to the field. The referee had to stop the match immediately. The Marseille captain first wanted to calm the situation, but as we might guess, his attempts did not help. Records also show the angry coach of the Marseille team, who refused to admit that the match could restart after an hour’s break. Only nice players appeared on the field.

According to the French press, it is not known how the match will end, while the Marseille team is under the threat of elimination. The decision will be made in the coming days.

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