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(VIDEO) Bonus BGC coach interrupts the call. He provoked Ferrari in front of the cameras and was knocked out

A recording of an interview with Amadeusz Ferrari, interrupted by Bonus BGC coach Eryk Bręczewski, of Polish champion Eryk Bręczewski in K-1, has been published online.

Last Friday, before the High League premiere, there was a media education and weigh-in ceremony. During the event, there was a clash that made a lot of noise.

A Fame MMA fighter approached him while talking to TVReklama Eryk Bręczewski and began to provoke him. Ferrari The teacher has no doubt BGC bonus He tried to do everything to start a fight in one of the freak organizations.

Heal your hand and let’s fight – Says Bręczewski, to which Ferrari replied – We’ll see.

The teacher immediately suggested Amadeuszowi to fight. The fame MMA fighter tried to close the issue, but Bręczewski He did not let go and wanted to shed light on the unfinished issues. As is known, the source of the conflict is the debate that took place in Russia. 2018 throughout the year House of Fame.

by the way Ferrariego during a boxing match Bręczewski He started kicking for no reason. However, the trainer assures that he does this only later. Amadeusz hit him with his elbow.

During the interview Bręczewski said Ferrari He talks about rules and he doesn’t have them. after these words Amadeuszreplied refusing to continue talking “Okay fuck off”. Then the fight started. The coach hit the player with a leaf, Ferrari set off with the shears.

One of his blows Bręczewskifell face down on these boards. In post-fight talks, he just assured that his foot slipped. Ferrari definitely didn’t fire him. He also challenged the athlete. Fame MMA and it would destroy it. However, the duel is unlikely to happen, because Amadeusz He is not interested in such a struggle.

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