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Video: Gunnar Nelson engages in grappling match with ‘The Mountain’ from ‘Game of Thrones’ – MMA Root

Gunnar Nelson faced all sorts of opponents in the UFC, but none of them were 6’9 and weighed 340 pounds.

Most recently, the UFC welterweight champion did just that when he clashed with former strongest man in the world Haftor Bjornsson, who is known by many as “The Mountain” of Gregor Clegan from the hit HBO series Game of Thrones.

Bjornsson, who dropped out of competitive strength to pursue a boxing career, has actually lost weight in recent months, but still surpassed Nelson in overall size.

“I wanted this for a long time, because many of my friends said that I had no chance against you in the audience,” Bjornsson told Nelson in a video posted on his YouTube channel. “I’m just curious. To see if technique and experience can surpass strength. Not only strength, but also weight. “

Then a pair of Icelandic athletes participated in a pair grappling class that continued until someone knocked out.

While Nelson certainly retained a technical edge, Bjornsson more than held on for most of the time, using his enormous size and strength to break out of a myriad of potential innings.

Although Bjornsson had no experience in Brazilian Jiu Jitsu, Nelson was impressed with how he could manage his weight to avoid getting into bad positions or getting out of control when he got into trouble.

“It’s a stupid weight,” Nelson said of Bjornsson’s height. “When he asked me if his strength was surprising, I replied in the negative, but his physical form was amazing. He was able to continue and not only train, but also knew how to fight. He used his weight well. He is not only heavy and strong, but also athletic with his weight. “

Watch the full video of the grappling sessions of Nelson trying to knock the Mountain onto the carpet.

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