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Video: Jake Paul practices leg kicks, teases ‘kick down the doors of the doubters’ – MMA Root

Video: Jake Paul practices leg kicks, teases ‘kick down the doors of the doubters’

Jake Paul is definitely trying to pretend he’s ready for MMA.

On Friday, the social media influencer-turned-boxer posted a video of him practicing low kicks on pillows at the Unbreakable Performance Center in West Hollywood, California.

“The first day of training is a thrill,” he wrote. “I doubt every step of the way … but knock out the doubters’ doors.”

Paul tagged the Twitter accounts of Bellator and the PFL in a clear nod to the UFC, whose president, Dana White, recently fought him on social media. A longtime critic of MMA’s promotion and leadership, Paul tweeted a bet that he would retire from boxing if the UFC raised fighters’ salaries and White gave him a fight in the Octagon. White and the UFC missed the deadline that he attached to his proposal.

Half is less than a month away from a knockout victory over former UFC champion Tyrone Woodley in a rematch of their August split-decision win. The crushing victory sparked another round of strikes by Paul against the UFC, with YouTuber saying he “embarrassed your whole company.”

Along with his video, Paul made another attack on the head of the UFC because of another increase in the price of paid views.

White has repeatedly dismissed Paul as an attraction. In the video, he challenged Paul for random steroid testing over the next two years in exchange for cocaine testing, an insult YouTube threw at him.

White also targeted Paul’s manager, former UFC CFO Nakisu Bidarian, whom he described as a “bastard” and a “warlock.”

At least one promotion has paid attention to Paul. Shortly after his tweet, the tournament PFL intervened.