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Weighing ceremony before KSW 66: Narkun, Ziółkowski, Materla and others [WSZYSTKIE WYWIADY]

He has fallen in love with MMA from the moment he saw Krzysiek Kułak enter Spodek in an armored vehicle at the KSW 13 premiere in 2010, just before his fight with Vitor Nobrega. Surprisingly, he learned that KSW is not the name of a sport. Every MMA premiere is a holiday for him. She rips her throat to cheer at her favorite duels, and during breaks she critically watches the gala organization and the costumes of the audience (like any “woman”). He appreciates in players not only skills, but also the element of insanity. He loves Conor McGregor, Mirko Cro Cop, Daniel Omielańczuk and Janek Błachowicz. He can’t imagine MMA without Juras’ comments and is delighted to have their UFC premiere broadcast on Polsat Sport.

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