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What to Do If Your Guinea Pigs Are Fighting

Guinea pigs do not usually fight because they are very social. If they do, you may need to partition them temporarily or permanently. Fighting usually happens during an introduction but I have already seen many cases of banded pigs fighting fiercely. However, don’t forget friendly sparring for a serious fight. With a guinea, it is not a fight unless blood is drawn or there is a serious bite between them.

There are certain things that make guinea pigs seem to be fighting but are not. These may become a serious swap later on but they are just the two pigs trying to figure out who the boss is around the cradle. These things include innocuous grips, tackling (they sometimes try to be on top of each other), slipping etc.

Do not be fooled, however, because these situations can go all the way: either one pig surrenders and both of them survive peacefully afterwards; or they can’t reach a compromise, so they start to shrink. That’s why you have to watch them closely to see if they start fighting.

Fights are often a bloody brawl and it is best to separate the pigs before this happens. If you can’t, divide them as soon as they fight. Never assume that guinea pigs will stop fighting alone; serious fighting can lead to death.

Also, be careful not to get caught yourself. Guinea pigs are usually very excited to fight and you will not hesitate to shake your hand if you are trying to separate them in the heat of the moment. What I do when I find a pig fight is I slap or rip the cage a bit. As soon as they are pulled from the fight, I pull one of the pigs out, keeping my hand wrapped in a cloth so that I am on the safe side.

So when you find out that two pigs are not emerging, all you should do is put them in different cages or install a wall in the same cage between the two. If you are placing them in different cages, you should put the two cages together so that the pigs can see each other but cannot make physical contact.

Keep them this way for a while and after a few days, you will need to reintroduce them. This time, all you have to do is batch them separately to remove scents and then scrub the two cradles clean for the same reason. Now try to put them both in one cage. In most cases, they will forget their blood and start coming. If not, the only option left is to permanently separate them.

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