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When is the Jake Paul vs Tommy Fury Fight?

The battle between jake paul vs tommy fury fight is set to take place on July 29 at the T-Mobile Arena in Las Vegas. This will be the first boxing match that either of the two have competed in. There are plenty of reasons why this is an intriguing match, including how it will be televised on YouTube, but most importantly, fans are eager to see what happens when these two heavyweights square off.

jake paul vs tommy fury fight date

jake paul vs tommy fury fight date

Jake Paul and Tommy Fury are two of the biggest social media stars who have been engaged in a war of words on Twitter, Instagram, and other social media platforms. Both have solid fanbases but at the moment, it does seem as though Jake Paul has more fans than Tommy Fury. In fact, some fans have even stated that they will be rooting for Jake Paul over Tommy Fury because Tommy is a YouTuber whereas Jake is a former Disney Channel star.

Jake Paul wants to fight Tom Furry. It’s not really a question of whether or not the feud will happen, but when, and where. So let’s look at how to make this all come together.

who won the jake paul vs tommy fury fight

who won the jake paul vs tommy fury fight

On August 25th, Tommy Fury and Jake Paul will complete a year of their boxing rivalry. The two popular celebrities have been involved in a series of fights with each other which have gained massive traction on social media, and is expected to draw in huge numbers of viewers when the fight eventually kicks off.

did tommy win his fight

did tommy win his fight

Tommy used the method he did to win his fight with Mike and did not hurt him. Tommy did not want to hurt Mike because they were friends and had been classmates for a long time. The two of them were so close that they opened their own gym together. Tommy was more than just a friend to Mike, but he was also his mentor. He was teaching him how to box so one day he could get in the ring with someone big, like Rocky Balboa or Apollo Creed.

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? Tommy’s fight against the evil “Dr. Robotnik” ended in a devastating defeat. The evil genius unleashed his robotic army onto Earth and succeeded in taking over the planet. Robotnik has now converted most of the humans into robots, and is using them as an enslaved workforce to build monuments to himself and carry out his sinister plans for domination of the planet.

did tommy fury win boxing

did tommy fury win boxing

Tommy Fury beat BJ Flores on Saturday night to win the WBO international heavyweight title.

match Tommy Fury has become the first boxer in history to win a professional bout after coming out as transgender. The 23-year-old British fighter beat Andrea Bocelli on points in his native Lancashire on Friday, Fury fought hard throughout the bout, but it was Bocelli who started strongest and took an early lead.

did jake win the fight

Tommy Fury Record and Info

  • Nationality: British
  • Birthday: May 7, 1999 (22)
  • Height: 6-0
  • Reach: 80 inches
  • Total fights: 7
  • Record: 7-0 with 4 knockouts

Jake Paul vs Tommy Fury fight card

  • Jake Paul vs. Tommy Fury; cruiserweight (8 rounds)
  • Amanda Serrano vs. Miriam Gutierrez; women’s lightweight (10 rounds)
  • Deron Williams vs. Frank Gore; heavyweight (4 rounds)

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