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Why Do Fighters Wear Gloves on Their Hands?

A question that many potential boxers, grapplers or pro-fighters will ask themselves: why exactly do I have to wear protective gloves? Only the newest of full contact combat practitioner would ask such a silly question. One of the most useful tools a professional fighter (or any athlete to be honest enough) should have in his arsenal is a pair of hands in excellent working condition. The hands are a very detailed and closely designed part of the human body. Your fingers and joints are locked to move around and all support your wrist. If anything should happen to these parts of the hand, you can kiss your hard punching days as they are long gone my friend.

To ensure that your wrist, knuckles and fingers stay in perfect condition while sparing, heavy bag work or training on pads, you need to wear the right equipment. A hand cover set will support your tight wound to your wrist and keep it from being injured while hitting a hard object. Hand injuries are very common when operating a heavy punching bag as the force of the bag swinging back in your fist can easily break it.

Once you have a clean set of hand folders that cover both hands, you should slip a protective glove designed for whatever type of martial art or fighting practice you are training in. For MMA, better known as mixed martial arts, you want a nice set of fingerless gloves. The reason the gloves are fingerless, unlike traditional Muay Thai boxing, karate or glove, is because you will be training in the art of empire in the mixed martial arts.

Grappling in the mixed martial arts often refers to a strong mixed warfare background with Jiu-Jitsu from Brazil. Due to the heavy presence of this element of adhesive in MMA, the gloves used by the fighters have no leather. Such a design flaw in the gloves would prevent them from making many holdings and submissions. This is why gloves are such an important aspect of the fighting game. You will need to take care of your body if you want to do it through training to never see a fight. And you definitely have to wear special gloves during the fight to protect your hands and hills if you want to fight again.

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