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Why is Life Full of Surprises?

You may be wondering why life is so full of wonder, but there are many reasons why life is so wonderful. One reason life is so unpredictable is the multitude of different choices we make in life. Some of these options are good and others are not, and sometimes we regret many of the decisions we make.

If you want to make life a success then you have to make good choices for yourself. This should all start when we are young; we have to think about what we want from life. We should think about where we want to be in life under a certain age, and then we need to plan. If we didn’t plan but there would be no surprises in life. You know that old saying that we do not plan to fail in life that we do not plan, which is why we fail. There is so much truth to that statement, and if you just listen to what it says then you will understand what you really have to do for yourself. Life doesn’t always have to be a complete surprise just to be aware of what you need and set the stage for it. Always keep company with people who are positive, because it will upset you. Positive people are lucky because they look at life differently from others, so things have only a way for them to work out in a positive way.

For me I think life surprised me so much because I didn’t plan, and I didn’t make good choices. I did not lay the right foundation for myself to get the life I wanted. But that can all change for you as it did for me. All it takes is a small change of mine and a small decision then you are on your way. So don’t let life put you on guard and prevent you from the kind of enjoyment you should have from life. It only takes a minute to think about what you really need, and once you know what it is, go for it I did. In life it pays to listen to the advice of people who are more knowledgeable than you. I know you think no one is more knowledgeable when you are really young. But believe me, someone is actually smarter. They can help you make good choices in life so that there will be no surprises. So please, when you are young just listen to your own advice because there are really other people and loved ones out there who know them best. Take the time to listen to them, and you will see that you will get the highest pay from it you could ever imagine. Life will be so good for you, and there will be no unwanted surprises.

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