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Will You FIGHT For Your Health?

If you do not pay close attention to, and do everything possible, to protect yourself, and comprehensively, take care and, COMING, daily, for your personal health, and for your own good, no one else will do it! It is generally up to you, whether you help yourself, and take control of your destiny and destiny, or, simply put, desire and hope, your personal health and happiness, instead! Henry Ford is generally credited for saying, You may think you may or may not. Either way, you’ll be right! Comedy genius Groucho Marx announced It is a matter of mind in relation to matter. If you don’t mind, it doesn’t matter! With this in mind, this article will seek, briefly, to reflect, examine, review and discuss, using the mnemonic approach, what this means and illustrates, and why it is an important factor!

1. Address the facts; future; fear; result: Many people let their fears control them, rather than, proactively, move on, towards their own good, etc! It is contrary to, and / or, refusing to address the facts, counterproductive! Rather, the wisest course is to prioritize your future, and develop a well-thought-out strategy for transformation. lemons, into lemonade, and result, wise actions, and plans, to accomplish!

2. Integrity; imagination; inner – self; innovation; thoughts; issues; mind: Either you go ahead with personal integrity, or you’re just wasting yourself! Examine your self, and your desires, and pursue the level of imagination, to be willing to innovate, as and when needed! When you know any personal questions, and if you acknowledge them, the best ideas can be considered, and accommodated, best!

3. Bigger; guidance; guide: The healthiest, happiest people are never happy with the status quo, and seek out more actions and possibilities! They take as many preparations as possible, and seek guidance, in a timely manner, from respected health professionals! A smart person uses this, as a guide, to become better, and healthier, and self-satisfied!

4. Sanitation; head / heart: Will you focus on your obstacles, and see them as overcoming problems, or harmful challenges? It makes sense to emphasize the best healing, which requires, thinking, your emotional components, as well as logical components, in a head / heart balance!

5. Timely; time test; true; trends: Never assert, as it does, in general, is harmful and counterproductive! It’s best to move on, for a lifetime, in a timely manner that is well thought out! The more you understand and use time-tested knowledge, and, effectively, by using relevant trends, the better prepared you are for optimal health and well-being!

Are you ready, willing and able, to COMING for your own health, and for your welfare? Are you up to the task?

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