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Winning The Battle Against Age – Part 1

As an adult the potato was the only vegetable I threw out; well, not entirely, but I only have an occasional baked potato since I read that because it’s mostly starch, which will turn into sugar. But sweet potatoes have replaced King Edwards in my life, and in small portions my waist is not badly affected.


I’m happy to say that greens are still cheap, but the move these days is to include blueberries and nuts in your daily diet. They are packed with antioxidants to fight those vicious free radicals and keep your skin looking young and springy. Add berries to your anti-aging diet, and toss a handful into a pot of yogurt as a healthy snack, or slice up an apple and dip it in peanut butter (my favorite midday snack). Get the high quality stuff as there are some horrible sugar contaminated PNBs on the market made in Asia. You will not escape sugar and salt but there is moderation.


Apart from the vitamins and minerals in vegetables, fruits also contain an abundance of good things. Replacing more fruits and vegetables can protect your eyesight from UVA sunlight, and as you get older you will have stronger bones – perhaps keeping your teeth longer too. You will need those for the apples.


Nutrition experts are still telling us to eat whole grains; brown rice, whole wheat bread, oats and other cereals to help us stay slim, because of the role of fiber in appetite control. Low glycemic grains may also play a role in keeping insulin under control, and together with the greens and fruits we can keep it healthy.

Research also shows that whole grain products protect against diabetes, heart disease, stroke, cancer and high blood pressure. The vitamins, minerals and fiber provided by eating plants provide these benefits. Wholemeal nutrition in grains is the missing value of refined white flour products, so the general advice is to go brown; well greens go first anyway — with some fruit.

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