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WoW Help – Azjol Nerub Walkthrough and Boss Fights

Krik’thir an Geataire –

Once you attack the movements around this table, you will not be able to eat or drink until the boss is dead. Kill the skirmishers first, because they go crazy and attack random people. After all 3 groups of mobs are dead, Krik’thir will take over. Krik’thir is an easy boss. There is only a tank and a spank. He summoned some small spider currants that can be AoEd. The only hard part about this boss is that it’s a chain fight.

Hadronox –

Once you reach the large web of spiders, shortly after you kill krik’thir, you will need to attack both groups of mobs. After you kill the first set of pockets the second one will go right away. After the mobs are dead just wait for Hadronox to end up killing the little spiders along the way. It should be there in less than a minute unless you get a glitch. DO NOT agron Hadronox while attacking the spiders. When it kills a spider it heals overall health, so you have to. Other than that Hadronox is a cake, but a tank and a spank.

Anub’arak –

Once you get this boss, all the party members must go inside the circle. When the boss starts attacking he will place a shield around the circle in which he is, allowing any member of the party to enter or exit. Anub’arak digs underground a few times in the fight. While underground he makes an attack that pushes people into the air. Watch out for the erratic gravel, because if you are under it you will be kicked in the air. Also when anub goes underground, some elite and non-elite plugins come out. It’s pretty easy just to take em out, and walk away with another emblem of heroism.

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