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Wrestling Strength Coach REACTS To Brock Lesnar vs Stephen Neal | The BIGGEST Match In NCAA History?

Wrestling Strength Coach REACTS To Brock Lesnar vs Stephen Neal | The BIGGEST Match In NCAA History?

Has Brock Lesnar Lost the NCAA Heavyweight Championship? Wrestling Force Coach Dane Miller is reacting to one of the most famous wrestling matches in NCAA history, where he wrestled for the NCAA Heavyweight Championship with UFC and WWE Heavyweight Champion 3 Time Super Bowl Champion and Freestyle Wrestling World Champion Stephen Neal in 1999. odds and defeat Brock Lesnar in this clash of the titans! Check out our FREE Wrestling Training Program! 👉 Improve your nutrition with our Wrestling SPECIAL NUTRITION PROGRAM 👉 Train effectively for wrestling with our Wrestling Seasonal Strength Program this season! 👉 TO PREPARE YOU FOR THIS SEASON, IMPROVE YOUR WRESTLING POWER, STRENGTH AND CONCEPT WITH OUR PRE-SEASON STRENGTHENING PROGRAM 👉 Who is Dane Miller? – 0:00 Who is Stephen Neal? – 0:47 Who is Brock Lesnar? – 1:27 Why Is Brock Lesnar Vs Important To Stepehen Neal? – 1:41 Brock Lesnar vs Stephen Neal REACTION – 2:43 What does it mean Brock Lesnar vs Stephen Neal – 11:45 Learn more about wrestling and athlete training – 12:51 #brocklesnar #wrestling #ncaa Follow Us on Social Media :

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