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“You Can’t Possibly Believe” GSP Could Beat De La Hoya – MMA Root

Daniel Cormier did not think that Georges St-Pierre would have been very successful against Oscar De La Hoya.

For months De La Hoya has talked about a comeback fight and recently, it was revealed that he was ready to box with St-Pierre. Unfortunately, Dana White and the UFC blocked the former welterweight and middleweight champion from the fight.

Had the fight continued, Cormier says he didn’t think the fight would end well for St-Pierre. He also believes the risks outweighed the payoff for the Canadian, as he would have been bad if he was knocked out or dominated by a 48-year-old.

Georges St-Pierre
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“I have to be honest, I don’t know,” Cormier said in DC and Helwani (via BJPENN). “I think it’s too risky for us as a community to have a guy like Georges St-Pierre box Oscar De La Hoya. Great for GSP in terms of the money it will make, but too risky. Because even in, I don’t know if Oscar must be 50 right now, it’s too risky for GSP to go fight him because if he gets beaten up, if he starches, it’s a bad image when the best fighter of all time is out there. being beaten or knocked out or just dominated by a 55 year old boxer.

“You can’t believe Georges St-Pierre beats Oscar De La Hoya in a boxing match. Like reality, ”Cormier said. “It doesn’t matter, the guy is an Olympic champion boxer. No man. That’s why I don’t want to see it. It is too risky. Maybe GSP will win, but I don’t think it will. You better not even do it. “

Georges St-Pierre last fought in the UFC in 2017 at UFC 217, where he featured Michael Bisping to win the middleweight title. He then withdrew citing health concerns, but has hinted at a comeback against Khabib Nurmagomedov, but that fight did not come to fruition. Unfortunately for St-Pierre, he won’t get to box De La Hoya either, which Cormier says is probably a good thing.

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